Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview (10/24) – Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae

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Deonna Purrazzo’s return to the Impact Zone left a lasting impression as she defeated Jordynn Grace for the Knockouts Championship, and Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview can’t wait for this one.

While Purrazzo has proven herself to be one of the best scheming Knockouts in history, Kylie Rae has been proving herself and riding the wave of positivity all the way to the number one contender’s position.

But that won’t be what this match will be about.

There’s a little vinegar in there

While Kylie is mainly smiles and skill, lately we’ve seen her temper on display and it’s an impressive sight.

While this side of her has come out because of Deonna and Kimber Lee’s antics in their attempt to get her off her game by taunting and tormenting her.

This all changed a couple of weeks back when Deonna broke Susie’s arm in their Knockouts Championship match.

The worst part wasn’t so much what Deonna did, but the fact that Kimber held Kylie down and made her watch.

This has led to Kylie losing control a couple of times and in both instances she’s owned the ring and sent Deonna and Kimber running for cover.

Part of the plan

According to Deonna, making Kylie this unbalanced was what she wanted to do because she won’t be as focused on her game plan and will give the Virtuosa the edge.

While it makes sense to a point, their run ins with Kylie when her temper got the better of her haven’t been to their advantage, so it stands to reason that upsetting Kylie in this match wouldn’t be smart.

What really makes this match difficult for Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Preview is that we love both competitors and would love to see both champion at some point.

The thing with this is that while Kylie deserves it and there are nearly arguments for making her champion, it feels like Deonna should keep the championship.

There are plenty of rivalries waiting for her in the Knockouts division, and it’d be awesome seeing Deonna face any of the women ready to take her on.

If she remains champion, it’ll put her in perfect position for Susie to come back to face, and we think that’ll mean Su Yung will be awake and ready to take her vengeance.

At the same time, it’d be fun to see Su Yung come back to get her vengeance on Deonna, then turn on Kylie for the Knockouts Championship if Kylie wins it.

This is one of those matches we can see going either way and there’s plenty of different storyline opportunities to run with both of them as champions.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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