Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) – Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match – Rhino pinned Sami Callihan to win the Gauntlet

Rhino hit Sami with a Gore for the win

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) - Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match – Rhino pinned Sami Callihan to win the Gauntlet

Rhino came in at number one and number two was Daivari, which was a pleasant surpise for Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results.

They started it off fast with Daivari taking it to Rhino and hit him front and back with forearms before Rhino fought back and threw Daivari into the corner and then hit a hip toss.

Daivari leaped to the floor through the ropes to avoid a Gore, and Rhino followed him and bounced him off the ring apron.

Rhino missed with a clothesline and hit the ring post, and Daivari slammed Rhino’s arm into the announce table before rolling him into the ring.

In the ring, Rhino hit with a short clothesline, and then tried to put Daivari over the top rope in the corner, but Daivari fought out of it.

Larry D was next, and he went after Rhino with a reverse splash in the corner, and then a regular splash in the middle of the ring.

Larry and Daivari worked together on Rhino as Crazzy Steve came out at number four.

Steve ducked a Larry D clothesline and climbed up on Larry and hit a few shots and bit him before trying to eliminate him, but Daivari went after Steve.

Acey Romero came out next, and Steve was caught between them for a splash.

Romero focused on Steve while Daivari and Larry tried to eliminate Rhino.

Daivari when to help on Steve, then went back to Rhino as Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K) was next.

She stayed out of the ring and urged Kaleb to go in in her place.

So, he did and tried to negotiate a deal and dodged XXXL (he’s Suicide, so he’s got moves).

Havok was next.

Havok took out Kaleb, and nailed Larry with a kick and a head scissors n Romero.

She then powerbombed Kaleb and threw him over the top rope. Tenille got into the ring as Brian Myers entered at number eight.

Steve threw Myers over the top rope, but he landed on the apron and eliminated Steve.

Swoggle came out next. Great to see him again.

Highlight time

Due to the amount of people, we’re going to focs on the highlights from her on until the final two.

Swoggle hit Daivari with a low blow and stunner, and heled Myers to eliminate him.

Myers then threw Swoggle out onto Daivari.

Tommy Dreamer came out with Road Warrior Animal face pain and shirt.

Swoggle climbed the turnbuckle to hit a Road Warrior’s finisher on Myers with Dreamer holding him.

Alisha Edwards came out next.

Myers eliminated Dreamer, and then he tossed Edwards after she hit him with a kendo Stick.

So far, Myers is the only one eliminating people.

Kiera Hogan (w/Tash Steelz) came out next.

Myers and Tenille ere posing for pictures, so Heath tossed her out onto Kaleb.

Taya Valkyrie (W/Rosemary and John E. Bravo) came in, and dodged to let XXXL run into each other.

She seriously took on Larry and Romero together to start.

Fallah Bahh came out next cautiously while holding onto his cash roll he stole from Hernandez.

Havok threw Hogan out onto Steelz, then Taya eliminated Havok. Larry and Romero threw Taya out as James Storm came out.

Storm took down XXXL, then flipped Larry over the top rope.

Adam Thornstowe was next, but there were no eliminations yet.

Luster the Legend came out to join his partner, and they worked over Storn and Bahh.

The seventeenth entrant was Heath.

Heath made an impression early and then exchanged blows with Romero before he clotheslined Romero over the top rope.

Heath then eliminated Myers.

Sami Callihan was next. This is going to get interesting.

Next was Hernandez, and he went after Bahh.

He ripped Bahh’s shirt off and threw Bahh over the top rope without grabbing the cash.

Rhino eliminated Thornstowe, and then Luster, leaving Heath, Rhino, Callihan, and Storm as the final four.

Callihan betrayed and eliminated Storm, and then Heath. Callihan yelled that he doesn’t care about Heath’s kids.

Rhino and Callihan exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, and Callihan went for Rhino’s eyes, then hit a piledriver but Rhino kicked out.

Callihan went outside the ring and grabbed a steel chair.

The referees made him get rid of the chair, and Rhino hit with a Gore for the win.

This was a great match with plenty of surprise entrants that had Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results cheering the whole way.

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