Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) – Impact Wrestling World Championship – Rich Swann Defeated Eric Young by Pinfall

Swann hit a splash off the top rope for the win

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) - Impact Wrestling World Championship – Rich Swann Defeated Eric Young by Pinfall

This is a match Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results have been waiting for.

Young dove at Swann’s legs but Swann flipped over him.

Young repeated hit dive and Swann leaped over him again.

A third time say Young catch him by the ankle then switched to a waist lock.

Going off the ropes, Swann dodged him and hit a hurricanranna and a pair of dropkicks to send Young to the floor.

Swann charged Young when he tried to get into the ring, but Young pulled him out of the ring.

Swann fought out of a figure four and kicked Young chest first into the ring post.

Swann hit a chop and slammed Young off the apron before rolling him into the ring. Young kept rolling out the other side and stood on the ramp.

Young finds an opening

Young made his way back in the ring and took him down with a waistlock and went for Swann’s ankle, but Swann kicked him off and Young headed out of the ring.

Swann hit off the top rope to the floor and slapped Young before hitting another chop.

Young flipped Swann onto the apron where he landed on his head and then fell to the floor.

Young headed into the ring as the referee started to count Swann out.

Swann beat the count, and Young set him straddling on the top rope and hit Swann’s neck with a series of right hands.

Young hit a neckbreaker off the top rope for a couple of near pinfalls.

Young tried a third pin but Swann kicked out again.

Young continued to focus on Swann’s neck with a couple of kicks, and then snapped Swann’s neck.

Swann fought back with a series of rights and headed off the ropes, but Young hit him and Swann spun in the air before landing.

Young went for a pin, but Swann kicked out and Young went back to a neck hold, then switched to a reverse chin lock.

Swann tried to get free but Young hit with a clothesline for a near pinfall, then yelled at Swann to go away after he kicked out.

Young hit a neckbreaker for another near pinfall.

Young worked Swann’s neck on the ring ropes, and then stomped his head and neck while telling Swann to stay down.

Swann flipped off Young’s shoulder but was caught when he tried to get over Young in the corner and Young hit a neckbreaker/slam for another near pinfall.

Young continued stomping and kicking Swann, and then told the camera this is Scott D’Amore and Impact’s fault.

Every time Young knocked Swann down, he continued to yell at Swann to go away, to make it easy on everyone.

Young measured him for a right in the corner and told Swann to stay down and go home.

Swann started to hulk up as Young kept hitting him and responded with a series of strikes before he threw Young off the top rope but Swann was too beat up to take advantage.

They both go to their feet and Swann hit a clothesline and a trio or spinning kicks before he hit a huricanranna off the top rope, sending Young across the ring.

Swann hit a frog splash from the top rope, but Young kicked out..

Swann Put Young on the top rope, but Young fought him off with some rights and biting Swann’s face.

Young then hit an elbow off the ropes onto Swann’s neck.

Young went for the pin, but pulled Swann up and locked in a crossface.

Swann managed to roll over and put a foot on the rope, forcing Young to break the hold.

They exchanged blows and Swann hit a kick, but handsprung into a Samoan Drop type of move for yet another near pinfall.

A deserving champion

Young ran into a back elbow, but ducked a spinning kick and locked in an ankle lock on Swann.

Swann managed to roll to the ropes to break the hold.

Swann got to his feet but collapsed,

Young went for a piledriver, but Swann countered it into a small package but Young kicked out.

Swann then hit a series of kicks and hit a somersault splash for a near pin on Young.

Swann climbed to the top rope, but Young knocked him down into the Tree of Woe. Young then twisted Swann’s ankle on the turnbuckle.

Swann hit a cutter off the turnbuckle, and then another cutter off the ropes.

Swann then hit a spinning splash off the top rope for the pin and win.

This was a great old school type of match that told a great story.

As Young rolled out of the ring, the locker room emptied as everyone came to the ring to celebrate with Swann.

This was a fun night overall and Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results enjoyed it. What did you think of it?

Let us know below in the comments, and thank you for joining us. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again!

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