Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) – Moose Defeated EC3

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) – Moose Defeated EC3

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results watched a recap of EC3 tormenting Moose for months played, and was followed by Moose arriving at a gym where EC3 beat on and lectured someone while his followers slapped the ring apron.

Moose entered the gym and called out EC3, saying he’s brought something that belongs to him (the TNA championship).

Moose climbed into the ring, calling for EC3 to show his face, and EC3 stepped out of a dark corner and approached the ring.

The two faced each other for a few tense seconds before exchanged right hands.

Moose grabbed him and hit a Rock Bottom, and then went for another but EC3 hit him with an elbow, and then suplexed him while his followers smacked the ring apron.

Moose tried to fight him off in the corner, but EC3 hit three knees. When he went back for a fourth, Moose kicked him in the groin.

Moose pulled him to his feet and ran him into the turnbuckle, and hit EC3 with a series of measured right hands until EC3 could barely stand.

Moose kept asking him how he liked it as he knocked EC3 down again and then left the ring to grab a chair.

Moose said he has question he needed answered, and the first one was why EC3 tormented him.

When EC3 didn’t answer, Moose readied to beat it out of him, but EC3 Took him down before he could use the chair, and after a brief scuffle, Moose got free and hit him with a running kick.

Moose becomes who he’s supposed to be

EC3 slid out of the ring and Moose followed him, and the two went back and forth as they tried to slam the other into the ring steps, EC3 finally bounced Moose’s head off the steps.

He then threw Moose into a security railing, and then the ring post.

EC3 told him he tried to save him, then rammed him into the ring post again.

He added that he’s trying to make Moose into who he’s supposed to be, and threw him into the ring post again.

After throwing Moose into the ring, he said that everyone that Moose tries to impress takes everything from him.

He held the belt and said the title isn’t his because it belongs to history. He said if Moose wants to be a champion, then become a champion. Moose has to become a legend, a wrestling god to hold the title.

Until then, he said Moose is nothing.

EC3 picked him up to finish him, but he had a flashback to his previous glories and Moose hit him with a spear.

Moose asked him if this is what he wanted; for him to become a monster? Moose then hit EC3 several times with the TNA championship belt.

Moose unloaded all of his frustration on EC3 until he wasn’t moving.

Moose asked him once more if this is what he wanted, and EC# yelled, “YES!”

Those around the ring chanted Moose until EC3 silenced them and told him to control his narrative.

Moose thanked him, then dove into EC3 with the belt, knocking him out.

As Moose sat outside the ring, EC3’s followers helped him from the ring.

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results loved this as it was every bit as dark and brutal as we were led to believe and is a great cinematic match.

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