Impact Wrestling Preview (10/13) – Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Kylie Rae

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This is another revenge based match in our minds, and it’s understandable after what happened last week at Victory Road and Impact Wrestling.

Having Susie being injured at Deonna Purrazzo’s hands was bad enough, but being helpless to do anything but watch may have pushed Kylie Rae over the edge.

We’ve been seeing glimpses of her becoming more intense since returning from Wrestle House, and after she snapped on Kimber Lee last week, maybe Su Yung shouldn’t be our biggest focus?

While her actions surprised/terrified herself, we expect it to prove an interesting storyline as she’s forced to keep her own demons in check.

This could be to her detriment as it’ll cause her to hesitate. It’ll either be typical Kylie or kylie at a 1000 miles per hour.

Message received

While Kylie was already a threat to Purrazzo’s championship, her attack on Kimber was a message that she’s had enough and we expect Kimber to come out ready for a fight.

Of course, there will probably be some taunting since she’ll expect Kylie to want to stay good, but how far will she push it?

While it makes sense that Kylie will be pushed over the limit, we think she’s going to have better control over that side of herself for this match. At least, until Purrazzo tries something.

Then she could snap.

The outcome

Kylie is definitely capable of winning this match, but Kimber also wants a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

We think that’s the sole reason she’s sticking by Purrazzo’s side; to feel her out and wait for the opportune time. Of course, we could be wrong and they have a genuine affection for each other.

Our reasoning is along the lines that for Kimber, if she wins she can lay claim to the number one contender’s spot and keep it to protect Purrazzo until the time is right.

Purrazzo will want Kimber to win it because she’s defeated Kimber handily previously as doesn’t have any concerns about her losing the Knockouts title.

Then there’s the possibility that Kimber could win this match to muddy the waters for next week’s Impact Wrestling and force Kylie to win to solidify her number one contender status.

This could force a potential Triple Threat Match at Bound For Glory with Kimber as the third entrant.

We don’t think this will happen simply because it plays into Rohit Raju’s angle for when he beat Chris Bey for the X-Division Championship.

So, with all of that said, we’re going with Kylie to win tonight as she’ll be fueled with a need to avenge Susie’s injury, and while that could be a distraction, it can also be a boon.

Of course, our track record in predicting Impact Wrestling matches is kinda suspect, but maybe this will be our lucky day.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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