Impact Wrestling Results (10/6) – The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) Defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton by pinfall

Shelley hit a crossbody off the top rope on Fulton for the win

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This is going to be a good one and Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting patiently.

Austin and Sabin started it off and Sabin worked a couple of arm twists but nothihg was locked in.

Sabin changed that on their second lockup, and Ausin tried to flip out of it and eventually managed to, and his Sabin with a dropkick.

Sabin reversed him off the ropes and hit with a dropkick and an single arm takedown and armback.

Austin was sent off the ropes and Shelley made a blind tag, then hit a punt kick to Austin’s ribs while Sabin held him.

A quick double team set of kicks, and Sabin draped Austin’s left arm over the ropes, then landed on his following a leap frog over Shelley.

Separating the herd

Shelley tagged in and his Austin’s arm with an ax handle, then Sabin did the same while Fulton was going crazy in their corner.

The MCMG hit a dual spin kick, then Shelley hit with two armbreakers, then mocked Austin as he tired a third armbreaker, but Asutin locked in a quick sleeper, then tagged in Fulton.

Fulton dropped Shelley on Austin’s knee, and sent Sabin out of the ring with one shot.

Fulton slammed Shelley into the corner a coupe of times while Austin returned the trash talk from earlier.

Fulton told Shelley he may be a machine gun, but he’s a bazooka, and slammed Shelley’s head into the middle turnbuckle, then stood on Shelley’s hand.

Shelly hit with three knees to get out of a suplex, but Fulton picked him up and Austin his with a knee off the ropes for a near pinfall Sabin broke up.

Austin then pulled out his card and sliced Shelley’s finger web and followed it with a stomp on Shelley’s other hand.

Fulton came in and held Shelley up in the corner in a choke, but Sabin came in but Austin hit him with a knee, and Fulton picked him up in the same choke hold.

Fulton hit Shelley with an arm breaker, btu when Austin went for another card, Shelley raked his eyes.

Fulton grabbed Shelley by the shoulders, but Shelley ducked and Austin hit Fulton by accident.

Shelley nailed Austin’s injured arm and knocked Fulton of the apron, then hit Austin with a series of kicks and a running knee in the corner.

Sabin hit wit a missile dropkick and DDT on Austin for a pin attempt that Fulton broke up.

Guardian Angels

Austin tripped Sabin and caught him in the back with a kick, but Sabin recovered before Fulton could tag in.

Austin hit with a step up kick, and the MCMG pulled the rop down to dump Fulton onto the flor.

Shelley held Austin while Sabin hit Fulton with a pun.

Fulton took out Sabin, and Austin nailed Shelley with a kick.

Fulton went for a snake eyes, but Shelley slipped onto his back and the two of them hit with a couple of kicks for a pin attempt.

Austin tried to break the pin, but Shelley saw him and Austin hit Fulton.

The MCMG nailed Austin with their customary double team, and Fulton hit a double suplex on the MCMG.

The North came out with a chair, and the Good brothers jumped them from behind. Fulton grabbed Gallows and Gallows nailed him, then Shelley and Sabin hit a double superkick, then Shelley hit a cross body on Fulton while Sabin held him for the pin.

This was a good match and a fun show, and Imapct Wrestling Results are already looking forward to next week’s matches.

What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see you next time.

Thank you for joining us.

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