Impact Wrestling Results (10/6) – Tommy Dreamer Defeated Brian Myers by Disqualification

Myers hit Dreamer on the head with a kendo stick to be disqualified

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

It looks like we’re in for a fun night, so let’s buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Here we are folks, one the road to Bound For Glory with a return match from Victory road. Brian Myers won that match, but will he prevail in this one?

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

They stood face to face to start off, and Myers slapped Dreamer, ten hit a handful of punches until Dreamer fought back.

After connecting with a few strikes of his own, Dreamer knocked Myers out of the ring with a clothesline, then bounced Myers head off the ring steps and two sides of the apron.

Myers fought back with a few punched to the midsection before throwing Dreamer into the apron.

Dreamer caught him with a reverse elbow and a clothesline, but Myers ducked a slap and Dreamer hit the ring post.

Myers then suplexed Dreamer onto the steel ramp and rolled into the ring, telling Dreamer to stay down.

Dreamer crawled into the ring on the count of 8, and Myers met him with a series of punches and stomps before choking him on the bottom rope.

Myers then hit a reverse suplex and a pinfall attempt.

Myers slapped on a sleeper hold, and kept telling Dreamer to give up.

Dreamer responded with a couple fo punches to Myers’ midsection, but Myers tripped him when he came off the rope, then he hit Dreamer with a clothesline in the corner.

Myers pulled him out of the corner and let him drop, then locked in an arm lock.

Dreamer fought off the hold once again and hit a sunset flip for a near pinfall, but Myers hit him with a clothesline.

Myers trickery

Dreamer said he needed help, but Myers kept hitting him with kicks and elbow drops, then locked in a rear chin lock.

Once more, Dreamer fought out of the hold and ate a knee for his trouble.

Dreamer caught Myers flip in the corner and hit with a powerslam, leaving both men down momentarily.

Dreamer then Hit a few rights and an elbow, but ran into an elbow in the corner before ducking a clothesline and hitting a stunner.

Pulling Myers to his feet, Dreamer looked to finish it, but Myers hit with a step up kick and a Falcon’s Arrow for a near pinfall.

Myers headed to the top rope, but Dreamer rolled out of the way of a flying elbow.

They rotated counters of a DDT attempt until Dreamer hit one for a near pinfall.

Dream climbed the ropes but missed with an elbow drop.

Myers caught him with a kick and a DDT for a near pinfall.

Frustrated, Myers rolled out of the ring and duh under the ring, finding a kendo stick.

He told Dreamer this is what it came to, but Dreamer cucked him swing and Dreamer hit a reverse choke takedown and took the kendo stick.

Myers begged him not to hit him saying, “think of my girls.”

Dreamer hesitated and Myers took it from him, then he hit Dreamer on the head and proceeded to beat Dreamer until the kendo stick broke.

Security and Scott D’Amore came out, and Myers stopped so they could look at Dreamer.

Interesting note, the commentators mics are off or the recording aren’t connected even through the promos following the first match on Twitch. This would be a problem off and on throughout the night.

As much as Impact Wrestling Results enjoy Madison Rayne and Josh Mathews’ back and forth, this is a pretty cool experience.

Moose’s search

We picked up with Moose searching every room in the Impact Zone for the TNA championship to no avail.

From the file cabinets to the garage, he came up empty.

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