Impact Wrestling Updates – Kylie Rae Update; Heath Injured

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It’s understandable and expected that injuries will happen in professional wrestling, and such was the case with Heath at Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory.

According to reports, he was supposed to win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet to get his contract, but he suffered a hernia injury early in the match and they had to change the ending to fit.

Audibles are called regularly during matches, so it wasn’t a surprise.

What was a shock was that Heath thought it was a groin tear but it ended up being a hernia and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The good part about this is everything fit together as Rhino winning meant Heath got his contract and Rhino kept his job, so their storyline ended with a nice little bow wrapped around it.

This will mean that Heath will be sidelined from action for about two months, but he could still take parts in vignettes or other backstage bits if needed.

Unfortunately, Heath wasn’t the only casualty of the night, though Kylie Rae’s non-appearance has raised concern for her welfare.

Kylie’s situation

Early reports on social media had Kylie dealing with a nagging injury and was unable to face Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship.

A few hours later, the stories were updated saying she wasn’t injured but didn’t arrive at the arena.

This left Impact Wrestling with the option of continuing to promote her in the match until they worked something else out in case she didn’t show.

It explains why her music played but she didn’t come out as Impact Wrestling called another audible and sent Su Yung out to win the knockouts Championship.

There have been reports that several of Impact Wrestling’s talent were concerned and have reached out to Kylie and she’s okay, but no official statement has been made by her or Impact Wrestling.

As is customary on social media, rumors ran rampant as some took the injury news to mean she had tested positive for COVID and so on, and while she may have, it’s best to wait to see what’s announced.

Confused and concerned

Hopefully, what news does come helps to soothe fans that were looking forward to her facing Purrazzo after the build up for their match.

Out of all of this, it’s important that Kylie is reportedly doing okay and things can move forward from here.

It’s never easy having one of our favorites do a no-show like this, but we think it’s important to remember that wrestlers are human and they need to take care of themselves if something comes up.

They put their bodies and lives on the line every time they enter the ring to entertain us, and that’s something that’s easy to take for granted.

We wish Kylie Rae and Heath a speedy and safe recovery in their situations.

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