Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap (10/3)

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Hello and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Explosion Recap.

This is going to be a pretty cool episode with a fun match between Acey Romero and Rhino, as well as David Penzer talking with Navaeh about her career and coming to Impact Wrestling.

We can’t wait, so let’s get things started.

Rhino Defeated Acey Romero by pinfall

Talk about a battle of heavyweights. This was a really fun match.

They never stopped talking trash as they pounded on each other, but the really cool part was seeing the athleticism of Acey Romero as he hit a dropkick.

The match continued as Rhino hit with a flying shoulder tackle off the second rope, and Gore (his second attempt) for the pin.

Impact Around the Ring – David Penzer interviews Nevaeh

David Penzer introduced her and added that he learned her first entry into professional Wrestling was tag teaming with Madison Rayne.

Nevaeh added that they were also the first Shimmer Tag Team Champions.

She admitted that she wasn’t a wrestling fans growing up, and that some of her friends in high school took her to a local independent show and the athleticism and wrestlers thinking on their feet sucked her in.


When asked about her time in the Indies, she did say there’s a frustration point where it’s a question of giving up or pushing through. She added that it was something she wanted, so she kept pushing.

Penzer then mentioned how she knows so much of the talent at Impact Wrestling, and she talked about how she met most of them, especially the Knockouts division, at various Indie shows over the years.

She added that she knows what to expect when she gets in the ring with them and that it gives her an advantage, but it’s a different world when they do face off.

He then pointed out that she’s married to a fellow wrestler, and asked about the life of a husband and wife wrestling team.

She said it’s worked well for them, and that they keep their wrestling separate. By doing their own thing, their careers don’t interfere with each other and they can make it about family when they’re home.

Victory Road 2007 Throwback Match – The Monster Abyss and the Icon Sting vs. The Phenomenal AJ Styles and Tomko

This was a fun throwback as watching a younger Styles bounce off of Abyss with a crossbody took us back to simpler, better times in wrestling where larger wrestlers were dominate and not a steppingstone for smaller ones.

It was also a pleasure seeing these four in action together once more.

Impact Rewind – The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

This was a replay of September 9’s Impact Wrestling’s main event we covered here.

This was a good match and a great way to close off the show.

This was a good match of new, old, and recent, plus the interview with Nevaeh gave us some insight into her behind the scenes.

What’s your favorite highlight from the last week? Let us know in the comments, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Xplosion Recap.

See you all next time.

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