Is Jon Moxley Going Into A Tag Team? 

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Jon Moxley has been one of the best wrestlers in the world of 2020. He even got rating number 1 in the prestigious PWI 500 for 2020. He’s the current AEW World Champion and the longest reigning champion. One day though, his reign will be over as he can’t be champion forever. What’s going to happen after he finally loses his belt? Looking at how he’s been booked over the last year there could be a plan already set in place, this being a run in the tag team deverision. Looking at how he’s interacting with Darby Allin and Will Hobbs. It’s looking like a tag team is in Jon Moxley’s future. 

Who’s it going to be? 

After a feud with Darby Allin, it looks like these two could be amazing tag teams. Even though Darby Allin looks like he could be on the road to becoming either the TNT or AEW champion. The tag team diversion is one of the greats in the wrestling industry. Having him and Jon Moxley in the Division would not be a step down from the singles diversion. It could also be argued that Darby Allan has lost his heat over the past couple of months. Giving him a change like a different division could change that. Then there’s Will Hobbs who has just made a massive splash in the sea of AEW. With his recent official sign, he really needs a decent push to get him over. The best way to do this would be to put him with the top guy in a tag team in the future. Darby Allin may seem like a more logical fit with their feud, kind of forming a friendship. 

Will it happen after he loses the belt? 

If this happens after Jon Moxley loses his belt. It could keep him at the top but just fighting in a  different division. The tag team between Kenny Omega and Hangman Paige works well and they had nothing in common. Jon Moxley and Derby Allan coil bring together a great tag team. It could also put Darby Allin on a new level. Will Hobbs would benefit from it but it can’t be argued that Jon and Darby would fit perfectly together. It’s a great new start for Jon Moxley after he loses his belt. 

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