Is Leyla Hirsch On Her Way To AEW?

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The AEW Women’s division needs all the help it can get at the moment. They don’t get much TV time, due to a lack of talent who can go out and put on compelling matches for them. However, there was a promising face in the ringside crowd, someone who would help to boost this struggling division. It’s ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch, one of the top female grapplers not signed to a major company.

Leyla Hirsch Could Be The Future Of Women’s Professional Wrestling

While currently a relative unknown, Hirsch has been slowly making her way around the world. She made a name for herself in Stardom earlier this year, mixing it up with the likes of Jungle Kyona, Giulia and more as part of the now defunct Tokyo Cyber Squad. Her latest showings have been on the indies as part of the GCW Collective, competing at Josh Barnetts Bloodsport, BLP Threat Level Noon and Shimmer Volume 118, impressing in every match, despite coming up short.

In the ring, she’s very much a technical wrestler. Not many frills, almost working like Kurt Angle. Tough as nails, can out-wrestle just about anyone, packs some dangerous suplexes, and a beautiful moonsault. Add in that she’s a very natural babyface, and you have a pretty complete package once she figures out a character.

She’s not afraid to go intergender, and has faced some members of the AEW roster including Alex Reynolds & John Silver of Dark Order. While AEW isn’t interested in doing matches like this, those men can vouch for just how good she is. MJF recently called her ‘The Next Big Thing’ which is something you would think would be reserved for himself. He did slip in an insult of her being short, MJF can’t be too nice.

Should Atleast Get A Chance AEW Dark

With her having shown up for the tapings, it would be a shock to not see her in action on AEW Dark. Many have been able to use Dark as a way to get attention in AEW, such as Will Hobbs & Serpentico. If she’s given a strong opponent like Hikaru Shida, and they get enough time to make it all work? It would be a classic.

Hirsch would be a fantastic get for AEW, really for anyone looking to build up a strong women’s division. Do you think AEW will sign her, or was she just hanging out? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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