Is Otis Finally Ready To Cash In At Hell In A Cell?

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Is Otis Finally Ready To Cash In At Hell In A Cell?

Earlier this year, we saw an unexpected winner for Money in The Bank. Otis of Heavy Machinery had been rising in popularity due to an excellent storyline with Mandy Rose, but even when he entered the Money in The Bank match, few expected him to walk away with the briefcase. That was exactly what happened, though he’s shown little interest in actually using the contract.

Lately it’s been spotlighted in a feud with The Miz over the briefcase, but this weekend might be the perfect time for Otis to make use of the contract to get the WWE Championship. Hell in a Cell is coming.

No One Is Ready For Another Match After Hell In A Cell

With both the WWE & Universal Championships on the line in Hell in a Cell matches tonight, even if champions retain? They’re going to be worse for wear. Hell in A Cell isn’t as dangerous as it once was, but it’s still up there with Elimination Chamber & TLC as the most taxing matches you can be in with WWE. This gives someone like Otis plenty of targets.

The best target for him would likely be Randy Orton or Drew McIntyre, which is currently the main event of the show. Their feud has gotten more and more violent as time has gone on, and they are sure to reach their peak during Hell in A Cell. However, this isn’t the main thing that makes the WWE Championship.

Otis Wants To Join Tucker & Mandy Rose On Monday Night RAW

During the 2020 WWE Draft, Heavy Machinery was broken up when Smackdown only drafted Otis. RAW would draft Tucker and Mandy Rose, separating both a tag team and a great couple. If Otis could cash in his Money In The Bank contract, and win the WWE Championship, even to lose it back on the next episode of RAW? He’d still end up on the RAW roster, and be reunited with his best friends.

To Otis, that might be better than becoming WWE Champion. It’s still a huge honor, and if he could hold onto the championship that would be great, but Otis is alone on Smackdown live for the first time, and that could be enough to have him use his contract.

Do you think Otis will use his Money in The Bank contract tomorrow night at Hell in a Cell? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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