KO Was Part Of AEW’s Creation 

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AEW’s creation was a surprising one with all members’ being massive draws for Wrestle Kingdom that year. It was also reported that the core members of AEW; Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Adam Page.

That would be part of the big expansion for NJPW into the US but due to lack of effort in that. This caused the members to leave and make their own company to fill that hole in the wrestling community. It’s now being reported in Wrestletalk that Kevin Owens was a big part of its creation. 

KO: the secret creature of the Elite

Reported by WrestleTalk in an interview with DDP. He confirmed that it was Kevin Owen who suggested the Young Bucks should get in touch with Cody Rhodes; “From what I understand, it was because of Kevin, Kevin Owen. He had called up the Bucks, who he was good friends with, and said “Cody’s a solid cat”. You know, you guys might want to pull him into your group. Of course, we know what happened there.

That year, Cody made like seven figures.” It’s crazy to think that KO was the person to bring the Elite together. Without him, AEW might have never come to be. He seems to have a strong relationship with the Elite. Could this end with him in AEW? 

Could we see Kevin Owens be All Elite in the future?  

Kevin Ownes has had his ups and down in WWE but he hasn’t really shown any interest in leaving. Currently, he’s in a feud with the Fiend. How this will end is unknown but it seems like he could be buried after that.

It still feels like Kevin Owns has never had his spot at the top. Making the jump to NXT would be logical but unlikely. The jump to AEW though could be the big break for Kevin Owens to become the Legend he will be in the future. 

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