No Plans For The WWE Draft? And Triple H Has No Idea Who Could Be Leaving NXT.   

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The Draft in WWE used to be a good thing. Where new feud could start and old feud could end. Now though, it feels very pointless and just adds fuel to the confusion of WWE. This mostly due to the fact that members from each side of the roster turn up on Raw and Smackdown at any time. Like in the last Raw, Kevin Owens turned up on Raw.

Then next week here’s going up against The Fiend a Raw superstar. It makes no sense, why this happens before the draft and not after. This makes the draft feel very pointless and a waste of time. 

No one knows what’s going on. 

To make this worse, it’s being reported by Ringside news that Vince McMahon himself doesn’t know who’s going to change brands. With the Draft coming up soon this is very worrying. One person that is more worried than others though is Triple H. He said at the Takeover 31 media call; “ I wish I did, but I don’t. The draft is coming.

I’m unsure, so the toy, like myself, will have to stay tuned, and wait and see.” If two of the highest members of the WWE don’t know what’s going to happen in the Draft. Is there really any hope for NXT?

How is this going to affect NXT?

NXT has lost a lot of their top members over the past months. With Kieth Lee getting randomly moved for no reason. Karrion Kross getting injured. At the time two of the top stars of NXT it looked like they were struggling to bounce back.  Now with rumours of a big story with the Undisputed Era in the works.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae looked like they could win the championships at the next takeover. If any of these are moved up, it could be another spanner in NXT works. The logical move could be Tommaso Ciampa and maybe Velveteen Dream. Although Tommaso Ciampa has said he would never want to move.

Then there is the controversy around Velveteen Dream. Looking at the NXT roster there is no one that stands out ready for a move. Maybe this time they should leave NXT alone and just add a member or two to it like AJ Styles maybe. 

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