NXT UK Results: Dani Luna vs. Aoife Valkyrie

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In a first time singles meeting, the powerhouse Dani Luna & the high flying Aoife Valkyrie are set to clash tonight. There is no current clear challenger for the NXT UK Women’s Champion, and a win here would do great for both ladies on their way to their first shot at gold in NXT UK.

Dani Luna Shows Her Power

Luna would grab an early headlock, before moving into a standing cravate. Valkyrie would break free and cartwheel away to get some space, before grabbing Luna’s arm into a hammerlock. This hold wouldn’t stick, and before she knew it, Valkyrie had her arm locked up on the mat. She’d kip up off the mat and escape the hold, only to get the arm caught again when she got vertical.

The agility of Valkyrie would have a quick showing before Luna hit a big knee to the gut, taking her opponents breath away. Valkyrie tried to get moving and pop over Luna in the corner, only to nearly end up in a powerslam. A quick counter into an armdrag and a headbutt to the gut would shut Luna down, and a high dropkick would send her to the outside.

Valkyrie would look to slide outside the ring into Luna, only to be caught in a wheelbarrow hold and sent face first into the ring apron. Luna was well on her way to the biggest win of her NXT UK career, and she’d keep the pressure on Valkyrie. She’d attempt pinfalls and grind her down with a chin bar, before Valkyrie fought out.

Aoife Valkyrie Strikes From Above

Some hard strikes from Valkyrie would be followed by a crossbody attempt, only to be caught in midair by Luna. She’d be hoisted up onto Luna’s shoulders, but slip out and hit an armdrag. Another crossbody attempt dropped Luna for a two count. Valkyrie would nail a Pele Kick, getting another two count.

Luna came back with a German Suplex followed by a vertical suplex, only for Valkyrie to come back with some hard chops. She’d try to springboard off the bottom rope, but almost get caught with another German Suplex, instead landing on her feet. Luna only realized when she turned into a spinning heel kick. Peripeteia would follow, and this one was through.

It’s becoming clear that Valkyrie is well on her way to a match with Kay Lee Ray. This could be the next big title match on NXT UK TV, and while matches with Isla Dawn & Dani Luna are good to tune her up, you can tell she’s got more than we’ve seen.

Will Aoife Valkyrie be the next NXT UK Women’s Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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