NXT UK Results: Dave Mastiff vs. Joesph Conners [NXT UK Heritage Cup Match)

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The Heritage Cup continues this week, as the 315lb Dave Mastiff looks to steamroll through Joseph Connors. Mastiff isn’t what you expect in a tournament dominated by technical wrestling, he’s more keen on a straight up powerhouse brawl, but that gives him a bit of an edge.

You can’t easily wrestle Mastiff down, but that won’t stop Connors from trying, as he needs this big win to legitimize himself on this brand. He’s been floundering since the NXT UK intital tournaments, but a heritage cup win would do wonders for his career.

The same rules as always here, six rounds, three minutes each, best two out of three falls. A knock out or DQ ends the match right then and there, and can be the fastest path to a victory.

Joesph Connors Had No Chance, Dave Mastiff Steamrolls This Match

Mastiff offered a handshake, but this isn’t ROH so it wasn’t accepted. Connors isn’t here to make friends, he’s here to win. He’d get right to work at trying to break down Mastiff, and getting an wrist lock let him control the match in the early going. Most of Round 1 would happen with the wrist lock, but Mastiff broke free, send Connors flying and took flight with a running dropkick. No falls recorded in the first round, and very little ground was gained.

Round Two again saw Mastiff be too big to be dealt with, until a running headbutt stunned him. A running crossbody would be the response, and Connors failed to take control. Connors would get quick, but speed doesn’t matter if you get caught, and Mastiff caught him with a powerslam. Some quick strikes battered Connors, who waited for the round to end for the break before getting into ring again.

Round Three started with Connors coming out hard, but he’d be rocked with a big strike from Mastiff, and this one ends with a knock out. It can sometimes be that easy, especially when you’re a proper heavyweight like Dave Mastiff. This is perhaps why old British Rounds matches had weight classes.

Mastiff moves on and will face the winner of Trent Seven vs. Kenny Williams. Is The Bomber going to KO his way to the end of this tournament? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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