NXT UK Results: Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne vs. Imperium (Alexander Wolfe & WALTER)

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In what is easily the biggest tag team match WWE has put together in 2020, we have the top of NXT UK all in the ring. On one side, former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne and the number one contender, Ilja Dragunov. They are facing Imperium members Alexander Wolfe, and the dominant NXT UK Champion, WALTER.

It was Dunnes first match back, and first match in NXT UK in over a year. He got into the best shape of his life while he was away from the ring, and it’s great to have The Bruiserweight Back. There will be very little frills in this match, just some incredibly hard hitting action in a match certain to be a classic.

A Fast Start To This Match

Dunne & Wolfe would get this match started, and Dunne showed zero ring rust as he instantly grabbed the arm of Wolfe and brought him down to the mat. The fingers would be targeted, and Wolfe had to fire up in a hurry. He’d hit the ropes and gain some speed, only to run right into a back elbow.

WALTER would tag in, and this epic clash would start. Dunne would be thrown around the ring before WALTER showing his technical side against Dunne, grabbing a wrist lock. WALTER lost control, and Dunne used his uncanny speed to get a flying armbar on WALTER, before being lifted into the air. Dunne went for a step up enziguri, missed, and a stand off occured. Over in Dunnes corner, an eager Dragunov wanted the tag in, and he was ready to go.

Champion & challenger would lock up, and WALTER took Dragunov right down to the mat with a headlock takeover. This wouldn’t stick Dragunov getting WALTER to his feet, shoving WALTER off and being run through with a big shoulder tackle, and being sent hard back to the mat with a headlock takeover.

Again, Dragunov fought to his feet, getting into the corner before throwing strikes with WALTER. Draugnov stood toe to toe with WALTER briefly, before another headlock takeover. WALTER knows to slow Dragunov down, and that’s because the second Dragunov gets moving, he would headbutt WALTER, before being slammed back into the mat, kicked in the spine and hit with a senton.

Imperium Takes Control

WALTER would tag Wolfe in to do some damage to a rocked Dragunov, first trying a pinfall before going for some big uppercuts and a neckbreaker. Dragunov would be slowed down again with a submission, before being thrown hard into the ring arm first several times.

WALTER was tagged in, and Wolfe held the arms back as WALTER launched a signature chop, slammed him into the mat before bringing Wolfe back in. Dragunov would try break free of the corner of Imperium with a spinning chop and a big senton to Wolfe, but met the knees on the senton, before being hit with a big suplex. A deadlift German Suplex would be set up, Dragunov fought out.

Wolfe hit a big boot to the face, and Dragunov came back with a spinning chop and an enziguri, finally getting the tag to Dunne as WALTER also came in. Picking up where they lift off, Dunne would pick up the pace and drop WALTER with a german suplex, stomp the hands, and kick him in the head many times before applying an armbar.

WALTER broke the hold and stomped Dunne hard, a sheer display of power from the Ring General. Dunne got to his feet and threw strikes with WALTER, thinking he had the upper hand until he was launched across the ring with a front dropkick.

Pete Dunne Has No Ring Rust

Wolfe & Dragunov would re-enter the ring, and keep the insane pace going. Dragunov threw some wild strikes and took Wolfe down for a top rope knee drop, before looking for a Gotch Lift suplex, Wolfe breaking out. A lariat was thrown, Dragunov bridging to dodge before hitting a big knee and nailing the suplex on a second attempt. Dragunov went for another knee drop, Wolfe dodged and hit the leg lariat, attempted a suplex but Dragunov slipped out, swung through the ropes and hit a fast lariat for a near fall.

Dunne would tag in, and Wolfe would be kicked by both opponents, hit with the X-Plex, and a senton from Dragunov, some great tag team chemistry from the first time partners. The hands would be stomped but the kick was dodged, Wolfe going for the German Suplex. Dunne would grab the ropes, but Wolfe tagged in WALTER, who chopped Dunne, the suplex was hit, and WALTER went to the top rope for the diving splash.

WALTER soared through the air right into a triangle choke, but Dunne would be lifted into a powerbomb, breaking up Dragunov and Wolfe scraping on the mat. Some heavy kicks from WALTER would be followed by him being caught by an enzuigiri, Dunne tagging out to Dragunov, who came off the top rope into a chop. One powerbomb later, and Dunne had to save the match.

Ilja Dragunov Refuses To Die

A huge german suplex would compress Dragunov, who still kicked out at two. WALTER would attack his downed challenger, and pick him up just to chop him, but Dragunov came back with a lariat and collapsed into a cover, Wolfe making the save. Dunne would look to break the fingers of Wolfe, and then hit him with Bitter End, and Dunne was booted in the face by WALTER seconds later.

Dragunov grabbed the Gotch Lift suplex on WALTER, but couldn’t get the champion up before being crushed with a chop. WALTER looked for the sleeper, but Dragunov fought out with some Kobashi like chops to the neck, and then some stiff knees and a chop to the ear of WALTER. He’d nailed the Gotch Lift suplex, showing his insane power.

Dragunov would run into WALTER with Torpedo Moscow in mind, getting caught in the sleeper hold, being let free for a chop to neck before being hit with a snap sleeper suplex. WALTER wouldn’t see his opponent down long, as Dragunov got right up for another Torpedo Moscow attempt, nailing WALTER and getting the pinfall on the NXT UK Champion.

This is the first time someone has pinned WALTER in NXT UK, and this bodes poorly for the NXT UK Champion. This was an epic tag team match, an easy 4.75* match. Will Dragunov become the next NXT UK Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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