NXT UK Results: Joe Coffey Is Coming Back

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Since the NXT UK restart, names have been slowly reintroduced. They’ve established their champions, and started to set up challengers and build some new stars with the Heritage Cup. However, one man has been absent until now. This is Joe Coffey, the leader of Gallus.

NXT UK Is Still Joe Coffey’s Kingdom

Where Joe Coffey comes from, you need to be a wee bit insane. It needs to be about you, and your opportunities. He knows he was born for greater things, and has brains to back up his brawn. Everyone else is a pawn in the game of NXT UK, except him and his mates in Gallus.

Gallus is going to run NXT UK someday soon, they already have a firm grip on the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Coffey has come close twice to becoming NXT UK Champion, and he’s keen to bring more gold to the group with this return.

This Is The Only Time Gallus Could Get On Top

With Imperium cut in half between NXT & NXT UK, leaving just NXT UK Champion WALTER & Alexander Wolfe on hand, they’re not the dominant, long reaching force they could be. Meanwhile, Gallus seems to be all present and accounted for. We saw the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey & Wolfgang in action earlier this month, and Joe Coffey is now on his way back as well.

This is a man who has proudly held the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and even beat Kurt Angle in the biggest show in that companies history. He’s a proper heavyweight with some serious charisma, which took a hit when he lost his Iron-Man entrance. Sadly his two big main events, were poor matches with Pete Dunne & WALTER. He’s not been hitting as great lately, but the potential is all still there.

It might be now or never for the Scottish faction, as with the numbers in their advantage they can build up their momentum and perhaps become unstoppable. If nothing else, Coffey is a reliable big match player for NXT UK, so look towards him being the next challenger for the NXT UK Champion, be that WALTER or Ilja Dragonauv after their coming clash.

Are you excited for Joe Coffey to come back, or will he keep being a flop in NXT UK? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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