NXT UK Results: Kay Lee Ray Addresses The NXT UK Women’s Division

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NXT UK Results: Kay Lee Ray Addresses The NXT UK Women's Division

Two weeks ago, Kay Lee Ray got the win over Piper Niven in a defense of the NXT UK Women’s Championship. She potentially injured her knee during that match, when she wanted to knee Piper Niven’s head into the steel steps, and missed. Kay Lee Ray had to get crafty, and still left with her championship.

KLR has been running her mouth for a while now, and has made a lot of enemies in her time as champion. Tonight, she would address the NXT UK’s Women’s Division, and it wasn’t going to end well for KLR.

Kay Lee Ray Knows She’s On Top Of This Division

KLR knows the NXT UK universe thought she was going to lose her title, but she came out on top against Piper Niven. This might have surprised some, but not KLR. Every day that passes, her title reign just gets longer and longer. She’s been through a lot, but no one in the division has been able to take her down.

At this time, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Isla Dawn, Amale and Nina Samuels would come to surround the ring, but KLR kept talking. She’d claim they had to buddy up to come face their big scary champion, but while she’d berate everyone one by one, Amale & Samuels would start bickering, not being able to get along long enough to lay down a challenge.

Piper Niven joined the crew at ringside, and hit the ring as KLR called her the ultimate letdown. She got her chance, and blew it. Couldn’t even beat KLR when she had one good leg! Samuels and Amale would take the fight to her, but back in the ring is the one KLR needs to worry about.

Aoife Valkyrie Is Here To Knock Down The Scary Queen Of Scots

Behind KLR’s back, Aoife Valkyrie would emerge to drop KLR with a springboard crossbody. Complete chaos would ensue, with KLR surrounded by potential challengers, looking for a window to flee. Amale & Samuels would keep brawling on the outside, Xia Brookside found KLR on the outside, and the rest brawled in the ring.

KLR got to the top of the ramp, and was attacked by Jinny. There is not going to be a lack of challengers for the record breaking champion, and KLR brought them all out with her promo. When the dust settled, Valkyrie was left standing in the ring before flying onto the field.

Who will be next to challenge Kay Lee Ray? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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