NXT UK Results: Piper Niven vs. Isla Dawn

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The NXT UK Women’s Division broke down into a brawl to end last weeks episode, when Kay Lee Ray decided to call everyone out at once. It’s time to build up a new contender, and tonight we see Piper Niven try to get another crack at KLR, as she faces a fellow scot in ‘The White Witch’ Isla Dawn.

Isla Dawn Won’t Drop Two In Row Easily

Dawn would lock up with Niven early, and quickly find herself getting trapped in a simple wrist lock. A technical match favors both ladies, with Dawn escaping twice, and gets the upperhand before stomping on the hands. Dawn applied a top wrist lock, but the power of Niven let her break out, and throw Dawn to the corner. This let Dawn run up, jump out and slip under the legs of Niven, and hit some quick uppercuts.

A headlock was applied, but Dawn would find herself taken to the mat by Niven. Niven had a strong grasp on the wrist, and would use this control to pull Dawn into a shoulder tackle. She went to pull Dawn in for a lariat, but Dawn got the roll up for a two count, and then dodge a senton soon after.

Dawn tried to press the advantage, but the power of Niven easily let her maintain control. A quick dodge and a series of rabid strikes would drop Niven to the mat, but she fought right back up. Niven threw Dawn across the ring, but she rolled through and hit a dropkick, sending Niven into the ropes and she came back with a crossbody block. This got a two count, and this match continues.

Piper Niven Makes The Comeback

Some more hard strikes came from Niven, before setting up the slam, but Dawn slipped out and took out the legs. The former kickboxer would tee off on Niven, before hitting a unique facebuster, using her foot to force the face into the mat. A near fall would follow, and Dawn was wrestling one of her best matches to date.

She’d look to throw Niven into the corner, but Niven outpowered her. Despite this, Dawn would create enough space to climb to the top rope, and come down with double knees, getting another near fall on Niven, failing to hook the leg.

Dawn would apply a dragon sleep on Niven, her hands clasped behind her back for extra pressure, but it didn’t end the match. Niven broke free, hit a backdrop driver, a cannonball senton and the Piper Driver for a comeback win.

This was a great showcase for two of the women of NXT UK. Dawn takes another big loss in this return to action for NXT UK, while Niven takes a step towards the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Will Piper Niven make her way back to Kay Lee Ray? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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