NXT UK Results: Saxon Huxley vs. Jack Starz

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NXT UK Results: Saxon Huxley vs. Jack Starz

With NXT UK starting back up, Saxon Huxley wanted to make an impact by taking down the NXT UK Champion, WALTER. Despite an aggressive showing, he came up short, and is now looking to let those frustrations against Jack Starz. Starz got in the face of Huxley after the WALTER match to say ‘Better luck next time.’

Jack Starz Was In Over His Head

After Huxley took WALTER to his limits, Starz wasn’t going to have a good time. Starz tried to take Huxley down, only to be thrown across the ring with ease. He’d dodge a big boot, and grab the arm of Huxley to try and out-wrestle the big man, only to be dropped with a knee before being lifted straight into the air and dropped to the mat.

Huxley would target the arm of Starz, lifting him up by it, before Starz slipped out and hit a dropkick. This wouldn’t lead to much, with Starz being thrown across the ring with a scoop slam. He’d take refuge in the corner, only to have a knee in his gut and being thrown across the ring again.

Huxley was demolishing his opponent, and while Starz fought back and broke the Torture Rack, his final comeback was shut down with a running knee, before being hit with Shattered Illusions. This could be the start of a major run for Saxon Huxley.

Saxon Huxley Is Finding His Role In NXT UK

At one point, Huxley was just another bearded guy with long hair, with his standout feature over James Drake & Joseph Connors being his height. Now he’s leaned into the wildman aesthetic, and is emulating someone like Bruiser Brody. This is two impressive showings for him, and it will only be a matter of time before he truly finds his place on the roster, and maybe wins some gold.

He’s got to shake off a stigma built by some underwhelming performances in the NXT UK Tournaments, where most fans caught their only glimpse of Huxley. It won’t take much to show people what he’s really about thankfully. I mean, who doesn’t love a wild man brawler? It’s a classic gimmick, and Huxley thus far has done great with it.

Do you think Saxon Huxley is going to become a star for NXT UK? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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