NXT UK Results: WALTER & Ilja Dragunov Sign The Contract For Their Match

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In just a few short weeks, WALTER will defend his NXT UK Championship against Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov just became the first man to ever pin WALTER in NXT UK in last week’s tag team main event. That match was also perhaps the best match in NXT UK TV history, topped only in the brands history by Tyler Bate vs. WALTER. That pinfall helps in making this upcoming match even more interesting. Tonight, they put ink to paper, and make this match official with a contract signing.

WALTER & Ilja Dragunov Are All Business

Assistant to the NXT UK General Manager, Sid Scalla would preside over this contract signing and urged both men to be all business. This was no issue for WALTER, who grabbed the contract and signed it without issue. He’d be asked if he wanted to make any comments at this time, but simply shook his head no, while locking eyes with his opponent.

Dragunov would follow by doing the same, signing the contract without issue. But when he’d be asked if he had anything to say at this time, he’d get up. He & WALTER have been staring daggers since they both reached the ring, and their contract is signed. Business is done.

Dragunov would loudly yell his signature phrase of “Unbesiegbar” before getting a hard slap to the face from WALTER. This is a blow which might have knocked out any other man, but not Dragunov.

A Brawl Ensues

Unbesiegbar translates to ‘Unfailable’, which is how Dragunov views himself. WALTER looked to prove just how failable he is in this brawl. He’d bludgeon Dragunov with some very heavy strikes, before ripping his opponents shirt off and clearing the table that was there for the contract signing. These things can never be civil, huh?

WALTER would boot Dragunov and hit a big overhand chop before looking for a powerbomb. Dragunov slipped out and hit an enziguri, causing WALTER to flee to the outside, where he’d chop his opponent out of the sky. A powerbomb onto the apron and several more of his chest bursting chops would follow. Dragunov would come back and charge WALTER through a barricade.

Next week’s main event is going to be an all-time classic for this brand, and could signal the end of WALTER’s reign. Could we see a title change next week?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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