OVW TV 1103 Results (10/4) – “The National Championship Rumble”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1103 Results!

This should be a great episode as the National Championship Rumble for the new champion.

The show started with another ten bell tribute to Joe Laurinaitis “Road Warrior Animal” followed by a cool video promo covering his and Hawk’s career through the NWA, WWF, and more.

As a lifelong fan of the Road Warriors, thank you Al Snow and OVW.

Now, onto the show.

21 Man National Championship Rumble – “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Jesse Godderz wins and is OVW National Champion

This is a fun match based on the WWE Royal Rumble rules, and will have champions from across the country from other Al Snow Wrestling School associates.

Brian PIllman Jr. was the number one entrance with Atiba number two to start it off.

Pillman wasted no time in hitting a handful of shoulder blocks before Atiba fought back. This is a great start to what we expect to be a great match overall.

The buzzer sounded and Tom Chad entered the fray. He made an impact, but his attempt to eliminate PIllman and Atiba simultaneously resulted in them eliminating him.

Cool debut, though. Tom Chad is going to be fun down the road.

Tony Gunn enters

After the break, Tony Gunn was next, and Pillman was waiting for him and a stare down ensued. We missed one entrant (Bruce Wayans) that happened during the commercial.

Gunn and Pillman went toe to toe while Atiba and Wayans rested in opposite corners.

Dustin Ulrich entered next and hit with a series of suplexes on the other entrants.

Dimes was next, and went after Atiba before targeting Gunn, and then moving on.

Dimes targeted Ulrich, and Ulrich suplexed him over the top rope, which didn’t sit too well with Dimes as he threw a fit.

Hy-Zaya from Legacy of Brutality was next. Things are about to get interesting.

Hy-Zaya superkicked Atiba off the apron. Atiba landed on the announce table, but he couldn’t keep his balance and fell to the floor and was eliminated.

Manny Lemons, the DCW Heavyweight Champion, made his entrance and was met by Tony Gunn. Lemons threw Gunn over the rope, but Gunn held onto the rope and remained on the apron.

Jesse Godderz stakes his claim

We missed a couple of eliminations over the commercial break.

Not only did Jesse Godderz enter the match, but Shannon the Dude joined the announce team.

Barry Koloff came out next.

Bruce Wayans was posing on the ropes and was sent over the ropes by Godderz.

Goddarz then threw Dustin Ulrich.

Brother Austin came out next. He’s from Devotion Championship Wrestling

Pillman and Austin fought on the apron, and Pillmen hit with a superkick to eliminate him.

Seeing an opportunity, Gunn ran over to knock Pillman off the apron, but Pillman pulled the ropes down and Gunn flew over, eliminating himself.

Dustin Jackson enters

Looks like we missed a couple more entrants, but we returned in time for Dustin Jackson to enter and dropkicked Scrap iron Lewis off the apron.

Jackson then eliminated Manny Lemons by tossing him over the top rope.

“The Rockstar” Ryan Howe came out next with a guitar and went right after Godderz.

Howe clotheslined Hy-Zaya over the top rope, eliminating him. Howe turned his attention to Pillman, who held onto the ropes and refused to be pushed off the apron.

Ca$h Flow from the Legacy of Brutality was next, and he focused on Howe, then Jackson.

Koloff took down Ca$h Flow with some punches, but that only angered Ca$h Flow, and he made Koloff feel it.

Echo from Devotion Championship Wrestling came it at number 17 and went after Koloff.

“Satan’s favorite Sinner” Amon came out with plenty of anarchy weapons like a steel chair and barbed wire wrapped bat but the officials wouldn’t let him use any of them. So much for no disqualification.

Amon put on a rubber glove and threw Echo over the top rope with ease.

Howe was tossed out by Ca$h Flow.

Well, there goes half of OVE TV 1103 Results pick for a finalist.

Updates galore

We headed to commercial as number 19 was being announced, but we got a quick update.

Ca$h Flow eliminated Dustin Jackson, and Amon returned the favor by eliminating Ca$h Flow.

Also, Jake Crist from Impact Wrestling made his OVW debut.

The story so far is number one, Pillman Jr., has remained in the match and faced off with Jake Crist.

Crist threw Pillman over the rope, but Pillman landed on the apron.

And the final entrant is Sinn Bohdi. Bohdi went after everyone, hitting clotheslines and body slams right and left before he focused on Amon and the Crist.

Crist eliminated Amon with a pair of clotheslines, and Amon looked like he’s going to sacrifice Crist in the future.

Pillman eliminated Koloff with a superkick.

Brian Pillman Jr, Jake Crist, Sinn Bohdi, and Jesse Godderz are the final four.

Godderz caught Bohdi’s big boot and flipped him over the top rope with it.

Godderz focused on Pillman following Crist hitting Pillman with a superplex.

Crist and Pillman exchanged kicks before Pillman eliminated Crist.

Godderz charged Pillman, but Pillman backdropped him over the top rope. Godderz caught himself on the apron, so Pillman hit with a super kick.

But Shannon the Dude ran over and caught Godderz and propped him back up for another superkick.

Pillman ran at him for another attempt and accidentally eliminated himself after missing with a superkick.

Mr. Pec-Tacular won and is the first ever OVW National Heavyweight Champion.

OVW TV 1103 Results really expected Pillman to win it.

Final showdown

Back from commercial, Tony Gunn came out and called it bullcrap, saying he’s the OVW heavyweight Champion and that he should have the National title.

The National Championship is now the top champion of OVW, relegating Gunn’ Heavyweight Championship to a mid card title.

He said Godderz only won because Pillman slipped on a banana peel.

Pillman got into it and Gunn apologized, then hit Pillman with the mic, but Pillman hit with a spinebuster.

Godderz then hit Pillman with the National Championship belt.

Chaos ensured as Gunn threatened the officials at ringside while Godderz and Shannon the Dude celebrated over Pillman’s unconscious form.

This was an awesome match, but OVW TV 1103 Results think that ending was a awkward. Still, we enjoyed it.

What do you think of it, and how about the three sides feud for the top belt? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for joining OVW TV 1103 Results and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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