OVW TV 1105 Recap (10/18) – “Giving the L.O.B. Nightmares”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1105 Recap and it looks like we’re going to have a fun episode ahead as LOB (Legacy of Brutality) defends their tag belts against Ryan Howe and Dustin Jackson.

Let’s dive into the show.

Al Snow announced the Nightmare Cup

We started the show with Bryan Kennison in the ring as he introduced Al Snow to make an announcement.

He pointed out that no matter how far OVW goes and grows, it’s important that they continue to honor their roots and past traditions.

To fulfill that oblogation in part, they’re naming two upcoming events for OVW’s founder Danny Davis (we also remember him as Dangerous Danny Davis, but enough of us showing our age).

Snow added that Danny Davis was a noted tag team performer, so on November 7, they’re holding the Nightmare Cup, an 8 tag team, one night tournament and the winner will get a shot at the tag team championships that night.

He pointed out that this yea LOB won’t be able to take part in the tournament since they’re the current champions.

LOB didn’t take that well and they came out to confront Al Snow. Josh Ashcraft’s problem was that they have more than enough guys for the Nightmare Cup aside from their champions.

Snow cited their contract that all four member of LOB are considered the tag team champions, and he added that they’d put the tag team titles on the line tonight against Ryan Howe and Dustin Jackson.

Snow added that if they lose, they can take part in the Nihtmare Cup.

Roman Rozell shuts up DL3, is attacked by Luscous Lawrence

DL3 came out to address the state of the OVW roster, especially their champions being an embarrassment, and the state of the country. Basically, fun heel stuff.

He was interrupted by Roman Rozell when DL3 got to the part of his speech about heroes.

DL3 told Rozell he wasn’t a hero because he was there and not serving anymore.

DL3 tried to put him in his place, but Rozell wiped him out and locked in his Patriot’s Wheel submission and kept it locked in until Dylan McQueen came out.

Rozell went to go after McQueen, and Luscious Lawrence attacked Rozell from behind and locked him in a Patriot’s Wheel until officials came out and broke it up.

Women’s Non-Title Match – Mazzerati (c) defeated Harley Fairfax by pinfall

In her debut, Harley had an impressive and fun match as she used her size and strength to give Mazzerati a tough match.

Mazzerati did a good job in working Fairfax’s left leg so she couldn’t hit her finisher before Mazzerati hit her spinning kick for the win.

Tony Bizo’s reasoning

After his underhanded attack on Brandon Tate, Bizo was asked about his attack on an injured man by Bryan Kennison.

His response was he’s a competitor and winner, and he told Kennison to mind his business as he does what he has to do.

Bizo then rationalized he attacked Brandon’s leg because it’s a weapon and it’s smart to neutralize it.

Ashton Cove came out and got into Bizo’s face and said he’s making it his business and he challenged Bizo to a match there and then

Tony Bizo defeated Ashton Cove by pinfall

Bizo attacked Cove from behind before he was ready and he spent more time arguing with the referee to count the pin than the match took.

Backstage antics, exorcism next week

Cali Young was backstage with Tony Gunn and asked if he has any plans to go for the National Heavyweight Champion.

He said he’s been the OVW Heavyweight Champion for a record setting time, and he’s in no hurry to cash in on his number one contender chance.

Young called for Brian Pillman Jr.’s response, which was given via a recording on his computer.

When asked how he felt about Pillman’s challenge that hell be the next champion, Gunn remained quiet, then walked away and by Reverend Ron.

The reverend was approached by Melvin Maximus and asked about that holy water he gave him last week. Maximus said it didn’t work because he didn’t get Ms. Marvelous back.

When Reverend Ronnie asked to get who back and it was pointed out Maximus meant the “demon possessed one”, Ronnie grabbed his collection plate and held it out.

Maximus handed over some money, and Reverend Ronnie said that next week they’ll have an exorcism, then thanks Maximus for his donation and headed off.

Behind Maximus, Ms. Marvelous, er, Misery, watched through a crack in the door and shook her head at him.

Ryan How and Dustin Jackson won Legacy of Brutality (Ca$h Flow and Hy-Zaya ) by disqualification

Ca$h Flow and Ryan Howe had a nice exchange of power early on, with Ca$h winning after a brief standoff, and Howe and Hy-Zaya fought to a draw as they felt each other out.

This was a really entertaining match that saw a little of everything. Jackson nearly had the pin and titles when Ashcroft broke up the pin while Howe was engaged, disqualifying the LOB.

After the match, Howe and Jackson fought off all five members of the LOB with chairs and held the ring.

This was a fun show and OVW TV 1105 Recap really enjoyed it. What was your favorite match? Let us know in the comments below, and well see you all next time!

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