Penta El Zero M Will Face Kenny Omega Next Week On AEW Dynamite, Rey Fenix Injured

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This past Wednesday was one of the best episodes of AEW in recent memory. We saw the entire first round of the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament, including Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix. It was an incredible lucha libre style match, with Fenix overcoming his brother. This set up a rematch between him and Kenny Omega, with their last one on one match being over the AAA Mega Championship.

However, during this match, Fenix had a nasty fall onto his head, and is not cleared to compete in the semi-finals next week. Kenny Omega won’t be getting a bye however, as Eddie Kingston & The Lucha Bros would be part of a social media exclusive video, announcing that Penta will take his brothers place.

Penta El Zero M Gets His Time To Properly Shine

This sets up another huge singles showcase for one AEW’s most underused singles stars. Both Lucha Bros are incredible, but as proven in Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling and down in Mexico: Penta is the star. He’s a complete package, and the chains are coming off. Putting him alongside an awoken Kenny Omega should give us an absolute classic of a match.

They previously met at All In in 2018, with Omega getting the win. Now it’s time for round two. This has the potential to be the best match AEW Dynamite has all year, which would be a serious accomplishment.

Will Rey Fenix Turn Face Out Of All This?

While Lucha Bros are great together, they showed that they’re even better apart on Dynamite. They once aligned with PAC, but Eddie Kingston has taken over as their leader in AEW. He’s helped get them back on track, but also has a favorite in Penta El Zero M. This combined with Fenix having to give up his spot in this tournament after beating Penta, could drive a wedge between them.

Rey Fenix might be the best high flyer in the company, and also one of their biggest potential babyfaces. He’s got that natural babyface fire, and fans absolutely love him. Two incredible singles matches this year shows that he shouldn’t be kept in the tag team division. Plus, no one would gripe over more matches with him and his brother, especially with them not being friendly.

Are you excited for Penta El Zero Em vs. Kenny Omega next week on AEW Dynamite? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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