Ring Of Honor Results: Rocky Romero & Kenny King vs. Rust Taylor & Dalton Castle

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The Ring Of Honor Pure Championship tournament has been one of the best things 2020 has brought, and we’re down to four men. However, some of the men knocked out in the first round found themselves in a wild card tag team match, aired in full on ROH Week by Week. This is the first time the weekly show hosted by Quinn McKay has had a match, and with Rocky Romero teaming with Kenny King to face Rust Taylor and Dalton Castle? It’s going to be one to remember.

Odd Teams But Insane Talent

These are two incredibly unique tag teams, and there likely won’t be much tag team chemistry. Romero is a member of CHAOS, who have consistently clashed with another branch of Los Ingobernables, adding some drama there. Meanwhile, Taylor is a no frills professional wrestler, while Castle has as much pomp and circumstance as Randy Savage.

Taylor would get things started against Romero, and showed his wrestling skills early. Romero would find his arm trapped, with Taylor backing into his corner to bring Castle in. He’d slam Romero into the mat, then go for an exploder suplex, Romero slipping out. Romero would get moving and start hitting the Forever Clotheslines, getting four before being dropped by a lariat from Castle.

King would hit a sneaky knee to the back of Castle to stun him as he looked to charge into Romero, but Castle tagged in Taylor. Taylor would apply a flying wristlock to King before slamming him into the mat. This was a common wrestling move for powerhouse wrestlers in the 1950’s, showing how much of a throwback Taylor is at times.

However, King would grab Taylor and hit a big backbreaker, and start to isolate the ROH newcomer. King & Romero might have never teamed up, but they’re tag team specialists. Romero would come in and beat down Taylor, before wrestling him down to the mat, before tagging in King.

Kenny King & Rocky Romero Use Their Tag Team Knowhow

Kenny King would hit a kick to the head of Taylor before looking for a pinfall, only getting a two count. Quick tags in and out, making Taylor desperate for the tag to Castle. King hit a big bodyslam and looked for a springboard leg drop, but missed. Taylor looked for a tag as he threw some strikes in King before being dropped with a forearm.

Romero would be tagged in, and go for a jumping knee, getting his partner instead. Taylor used this opening to finally make the tag, and Castle came in with some straight right hands and some heavy suplexes. A reverse sling blade would drop Romero, before Castle lifted him for a german suplex.

Romero fought out and hit standing Sliced Bread, both men looking for and getting tags. Taylor & King traded forearms in the ring, before Taylor applied a submission after taking King to the mat. King risked being choked out with his own arm, but Romero saved the match.

Castle took out Romero, but in the ring, King would hit a Tiger Driver for a two count. Taylor would hit a big lariat, some hard kicks and look to end it with a roundhouse, but end up in The Royal Flush, getting King the win.

This was a fun exhibition match, and shows that even outside Pure Rules, ROH is here to stay. Are you impressed with ROH in 2020? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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