Tony Khan Opens Up On How The Pandemic Affected AEW And A Lot More.

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Tony Khan at the moment has been praised by his roster for how good of a boss he is. With how he works with his roster and listens to them. From Aubrey Edwards to Jungle Boy, they have all had something good to say about Tony Khan.

At the moment, this hasn’t been disproven at all. In a recent interview, it does kind of show how he looks at his show and how it works. He spoke about the younger stars and how the Pandemic affected the AEW on its first year out of the gate. The interview was done by Bleacher Report for the 1 year anniversary of AEW.

What did Tony Khan have to say?

“We were in this amazing place with our stories right after Revolution, and then the pandemic hit. Resetting everything since then and what we did with this year’s Double or Nothing was great. I had access to a small percentage of my roster and had to book shows in a matter of minutes. When we returned and put our COVID testing procedures in place, we had a great foundation for Double or Nothing. It was hard to get anybody to look forward to anything back in May. I was widely quoted after a media call saying I thought Double or Nothing was better than WrestleMania, and I truly feel that way. I thought it was a tribute to how hard we worked during the pandemic to keep the fans’ interest.”

Tony Khan went to praise some wrestler in AEW

After this bit of information on how the Pandemic affected AEW and what Tony Khan thought about running the show in Pandemic. He went on to talk about three of the rising wrestlers of AEW. This being MJF, Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy.

He went on to say that he works closely with them. This does seem to be the case with all three of these wrestlers getting a push now for a while. They are the younger wrestlers in AEW as well making them most likely the figure heads of AEW’s future.

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