What Is Next For Andrade In WWE?

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It has been a rough past few months for former NXT & United States Champion, Andrade. At one point this year, he looked like he could be a threat to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, but then was relegated to the tag team division with Angel Garza, eclipsed in popularity by his partner, lost Zelina Vega and went undrafted in the 2020 Draft. He went from a first round pick in 2019, to not even being considered this year. You can’t help but wonder, what is next for Andrade?

Taking Some Time Off To Have An Elective Procedure

After he went undrafted, news would break that Andrade was taking a month or two off to have an elective procedure. This could be just about anything, from dealing with a nagging injury to getting wisdom teeth out. This almost explains why he wouldn’t get drafted, though Naomi is injured as well, and was a pick for Monday Night RAW. While Naomi is expected back soon, Andrade will hardly be out for months at a time.

This does leave Andrade open to return to either brand when the time is right, but his home is likely to remain as Monday Night RAW. WWE doesn’t like to split couples up, and Andrade is engaged to Charlotte Flair, a connection that hasn’t been used on WWE TV yet.

Could We See Him Return As Andrade Flair?

While his connection to Charlotte Flair hasn’t been used yet, it’s hardly hidden by either member of this couple. They’re always on social media, and Charlotte even suggested that Andrade needs a new manager. Putting Andrade with someone like Ric Flair, getting him using a Figure Four Leg Lock, and maybe some new music and entrance attire? That could really freshen his act up, and help him stand out. He relied on Zelina Vega since NXT, and with her moving on into her own singles career, it’s Andrade’s turn as well.

Andrade is someone who got a bit stagnant in the last few years, and his 2020 was nowhere good as fans initially hoped. That being said, he’s an incredible talent in the ring, WWE just needs to find their own way to use him. Do you hope to see Andrade rise in WWE again, or has his time come and gone? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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