What’s Next For EC3? 

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EC3 seems to be on a rampage through different promotions with him just having a match with Moose on Impact which was done in a cinematic match and one of the best cinematic matches ever. This seemed to be what his idea for Raw Underground was when he pitched it a while back. If you watched Bound for Glory, you will know the outcome for EC3.

So now it’s at the point of what’s next for EC3? This match with Moose doesn’t seem to be a long term thing. Unless he makes a new feud. This was a one time match in Impact. We do know EC3 will have a run in ROH but we don’t know for how long.

There’s not much information on what EC3 is up to at these companies. If he just stopped there for one off matches or for a couple of years. It does for some reason feel like EC3 is going to move on after his current feuds are over.

Will he join AEW?

The two biggest wrestling companies are currently AEW and WWE. With no chance of him returning back to WWE. There is still a chance of him going to AEW at a later date. He teased an AEW faction a while back with FTR.

EC3 could make a massive impact on AEW. The fact he could draw in fans though means he could grow to another company like ROH and Impact. That has started to fall behind WWE and AEW. 

His new ‘control your own narrative’ gimmick as well does seem to fit perfectly with the whole AEW headspace. If his run in ROH and Impact are for a short period of time, going to AEW could be great for EC3. 

Will he make his own platform to control his own narrative?

After the cinematic match. It feels like EC3 could even make his own wrestling platform. This does feel very unlikely but we thought that about AEW a year or two back. EC3 could make a CYNW(Control Your Narrative Wrestling) where it’s just cinematic matches. This is massive speculation and no rumours are pointing to this.

It does feel like EC3 does have something big in mind for the future. At the moment, it’s not the best time to start a new company. So maybe in a year or two, we could see something massive come from EC3.

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