WWE 205 Live Results: Ariya Daivari vs. Anthony Greene

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The Ariya Daivari Dinero Division is back, as two recent Evolve signees get a chance to lock up with a 205 Live original and become richer if they can win. First up is ‘Retro’ Anthony Greene (not to be mistaken with Post-Hardcore legend, and vocalist of Circa Suvive, Anthony Green), who has been known to be signed to WWE for a while now, but it was made official that he joined the WWE PC last week.

They have wasted no time getting him in the mix into the Cruiserweight Division. With some excellent new music and graphics, but still looks like he just crawled out of the 1980’s. It was clear from the start that Greene was going to be a good fit in NXT, and look forward to seeing some old matches from Evolve on the WWE Network as they get more uploaded.

Anthony Greene Makes A Great First Impression

They’d lock up, and Daivari managed to shove Greene into the corner, before some cocky slaps to the face. The referee broke them up and they’d pace around the ring, before Davari got another lockup, forced Greene into the corner, and went for a big forearm. Greene had this scouted, blocked and came back with a knife edge chop and a right hand.

Daivari would be sent off the ropes, and come back with a hard back elbow before some mounted punches to Greene. Greene would be thrown hard into the corner, and Daivari would grind his forearm across the forehead of Greene. Some boots in the corner later, Greene would be choked with the knee, before coming in with a hard chop.

Greene came back with a right hand, and would dodge a stinger splash from Daivari before getting a rollup for a near fall. Pressing this advantage, he’d hit a running high crossbody for another near fall. He’d then dodge a lariat and come back with a running frankensteiner. Daivari would kick out again at 2.5, and perhaps underestimated his competition. Daivari would dodge a top rope crossbody, catch Greene with the Hammerlock Lariat, and this one was done.

Greene didn’t win the $10,000, but he had a good debut showing. Now, it’s onto another match for Ariya Daivari. Was Greene a good signing for WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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