WWE 205 Live Results: Ariya Daivari vs. Curt Stallion

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Ariya Daivari has put $10,000 on the line against two recent WWE signees, and after dispatching Anthony Greene with a Hammerlock Lariat in a close but short match, it was onto his next opponent. Up next is a seven year pro from Texas, a man who has traded blows with the likes of Kassius Ohno, Cameron Grimes, & Eddie Kingston, it’s ‘The Lone Star’ Curt Stallion.

Stallion is a big prospect for WWE, and should fit in well in the Cruiserweight division. He’s got less flash than Greene, but that could serve him well. Will he do what Greene couldn’t, and put an end to Ariya Daivari?

Curt Stallion Backs Ariya Daivari Into A Corner

Stallion would take his time getting to the ring, but as soon as he got in the ring Daivari would stomp him into the mat. Daivari would send him off the ropes, missing two lariats, Stallion gaining a ton of speed running the ropes for a big lariat of his own. He’d rain down strikes on Daivari, before being picked up and thrown over the top rope, right into the plexiglass and chain surrounding the ring.

On the outside, Daivari would slam Stallion into the announce table, and send him back into the ring for The Persian Splash, only getting a two count. Thinking this was a fluke, Daivari went for another fall and Stallion wasn’t going down. Stallion would be sent up for a suplex, and counter into a small package, before also going for a backslide, getting near falls before a chop to the throat.

Daivari set up a Tiger Driver, Stallion slipped out and hit a headbutt, sending Daivari to the outside, hitting a dive in the soon after. When he got back into the ring, Tony Nese had emerged in the ring and took out Stallion with a running knee.

This was a fun way to showcase two Evolve stars, who should really help to boost the 205 Live roster, which was a bit sparse as of late. It also helps to build up Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese at the same time. Do you think Curt Stallion will find success in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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