WWE 205 Live Results: Curt Stallion vs. Tony Nese

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WWE 205 Live Results: Curt Stallion vs. Tony Nese

Last week, ‘The Lonestar’ Curt Stallion made his 205 Live debut, looking to earn a crisp $10k by beating Ariya Daivari. He almost had the 205 Live original on the ropes, but then Tony Nese dashed in and turned Stallion’s lights out with a running Nese. This week on 205 Live, Curt Stallion gets a chance at The Premiere Athlete himself.

Curt Stallion Gets Another Chance At A First Impression

Before the match could begin, Ariya Daiavri would make his way to ringside, giving Nese a chance for a cheap shot. Stallion would fight back, but a big kick and a knee lift from Nese would drop Stallion. He’d get right back into it and counter a headlock into a backdrop driver.

Stallion would hit a big rolling forearm, followed with an impressive neckbreaker. This got a two count, and Nese was done playing games with the 205 Rookie. Stallion went up top, Nese cutting him down. He’d run in, kick Stallion up high, catch him on his shoulders and hit a gutbuster for a two count.

Nese unloaded punches, kicks and more to the downed Stallion. Some crossface blows and a side headlock, before Stallion fought back to his feet. The Lone Star wasn’t going down easy, but a running stungun and the springboard moonsault gave Nese another two count.

Tony Nese Gets Some Help

Nese would continue to stop any offense from Stallion, but needed to grind him down if he wanted to hit his finisher. A body scissors would be applied, and Stallion would chop his way free, only to be shut down and placed in the torture rack.

Again, Stallion fought with some elbows, and broke the hold only to be placed into the Pumphandle Driver. He slipped out, and hit a German Suplex. A delayed dropkick in the turnbuckle would be followed by a DDT.

This got a near fall, and Stallion was ready to go high again, Nese fleeing to the outside and getting the dive to the outside. Daivari would mouth off to Stallion, and take a headbutt. This gave Nese time to set up and hit the Running Nese as Stallion got back in the ring, ending the match.

Another great showing for Stallion, who has a bright future ahead of him in NXT & 205 Live. This finish sets up a potential tag team match going forward. Who should team with Curt Stallion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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