WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. The Brian Kendrick

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It’s main event time on 205 Live, and this week we have two men looking to get back to their winning ways. First is Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott whose recent loss at NXT Takeover 31 is still fresh in his mind. Meanwhile, Kendrick recently lost a match to Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis on 205 Live. It doesn’t take many wins to get back to the conversation of challenging for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and that could start today for either man.

Brian Kendrick Suffers Some Early Damage

Kendrick got started early with an armbar, taking Swerve down to the mat. Swerve had to fight his way back up to a vertical base, and would be losing to chain wrestling by Kendrick. The ropes were nearby, but Swerve fought out instead of going for them, testing himself against the veteran.

As soon as Swerve got free, Kendrick started throwing some blows his way, only to be dropped with a jumping Flatliner, a big move for this point of the match getting a two count. Kendrick landed on his left arm, and Swerve would focus on that limb with a back suplex, the arm hammer locked, but Kendrick got his arm out in time. On the mat, Swerve went for a submission, but didn’t get it, and Kendrick got to his face and kicked his opponent in the face.

Swerve didn’t stay down long, going for an armbar before Kendrick fled the ring, dragging Swerve out with him and throwing him into the steel steps. Things weren’t looking good for Swerve, but he fought on and hit a right hand to the jaw, but Kendrick came back with a neckbreaker. Another neckbreaker, this time in the ropes would do more damage to Swerve.

Swerve Drops The Veteran On His Head

Kendrick looked for Sliced Bread No. 2, but Swerve fought his way out and hit a deadlift suplex. Swerve was back in control, and hit a jumping uppercut off the middle rope, but couldn’t follow up right away. Kendrick regained some control and went for the rope neckbreaker again, but it was scouted this time around. Swerve sent him to the outside and hit the pump kick, but back in the ring he’d miss the flatliner and end up in the Captain’s Hook.

Swerve broke the hold, and even survived Sliced Bread No. 2, taking both of Kendrick’s best moves and still standing. He’d take Swerve up top to try and flip him into the Captain’s Hook, but Swerve fought out, tripped Kendrick up and went for the German Suplex, Kendrick fighting out, but instead being hit with the JML Driver.

It’s clear that WWE has big plans for Swerve, do they involve him eventually becoming Cruiserweight Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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