WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor & The Brian Kendrick vs. Ever-Rise

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WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor & The Brian Kendrick vs. Ever-Rise

For once in WWE, Ever-Rise can go into a match with the chance to not just have a win, but a winning streak. Sadly for them, they have a team composed of an absolute legend and the fastest rising star in 205 Live. The Brian Kendrick lost to Mansoor last week, but he is here to help the younger talent rise up. Ever-Rise decided to disrespect Kendrick backstage, and that was enough to get this match booked. 205 Live is simple, and I love it.

Ever-Rise Have A Tough Challenge Ahead

Mansoor would start the match with Matt Martel, and they’d lock up, Martel having the power and loudness edge, getting Mansoor in the corner and shouting at him. Martel would get the armlock, and would trip his opponent to the mat. Mansoor would slip out, but get hit with a drop toehold.

Parker would be tagged in, and Mansoor would quickly try to grab an armbar. His opponent would be slippery, but an armdrag caught him. Kendrick would be tagged in, and he’d stick to the arm of Parker, driving his knee into the back of the elbow, which hurts just to look at!

Parker would get isolated, Mansoor being under the learning tree of a tag team great paying off. Sadly, Martel would get the tag in without Mansoor seeing, and he’d be run through with a lariat. Instead of Parker being isolated, it’d almost be Mansoor, but he tagged in Kendrick at the perfect time.

The veteran would go right to work on Parker, get control of the match back and then get Mansoor in for a double suplex, this getting a two count. Parker would be saved from another double team by his partner, and this let Ever-Rise get control of Kendrick.

Mansoor Pays Tribute To His Veteran Partner

Martel yelled at Kendrick that he used to be something, before slamming him face first into the corner. A backbreaker would follow, but it would take more than that to stop the former champion. Quick tags kept Ever-Rise healthy, but a miscommunication saw Martel run into Parker and send him to the floor. He’d try to hit the back suplex on Kendrick, but he slipped out and tried for the tag, just as Parker pulled Mansoor off the apron.

Ever-Rise kept on the offensive with Kendrick, but Mansoor was ready to clean house once he got that tag. Kendrick fought free of an ankle lock, and in came his fresh partner. He’d take on both members Ever-Rise at the same time, hitting Parker with a spinebuster after dropping Martel. Mansoor would look to hit Kendricks old finisher, Sliced Bread No. 2, but in the wrong corner, as Martel saved his partner.

A double flapjack into the top of the turnbuckle would have beaten Mansoor, but Kendrick made the save. Mansoor recovered, hit Sliced Bread and got the win, keeping his win streak alive. Do you think Mansoor & Kendrick should remain a tag team? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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