WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor vs. The Brian Kendrick

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WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor vs. The Brian Kendrick

Mansoor is rising through the ranks of 205 Live, with his win streak just getting bigger and bigger every time he shows up. This week, he meets the crafty veteran The Brian Kendrick, in what could be a hidden gem of a match.

These are two top talents, and 205 Live likes to give matches time to play out. They last met about a year ago, with Kendrick losing to Mansoor after a sneaky rollup, giving Kendrick all the more reason to try to redeem himself with a win in this one.

The Brian Kendrick Doesn’t Fall For Simple Tricks

They’d get right into it as Kendrick grabbed a headlock, Mansoor failing to roll out at first, before shoving Kendrick off. He’d drop down, but Kendrick just stopped and grabbed another headlock. A move like that won’t work on a veteran.

Mansoor broke out again, shoving Kendrick off before leapfrogging over Kendrick, who went for an armdrag. This would be countered midair into a side headlock. Kendrick would break out, and shove Mansoor into the corner, only to be shoved to the ground.

Getting back into it, Kendrick would kick Mansoor in the gut and try for a backdrop, Mansoor flipping out. A series of arm drags and a dropkick would follow, before hitting the diving bulldog for a two count. Trying to press his advantage, he’d look to throw Kendrick off the ropes, being sent to the apron and went for his flipping cutter, getting kicked in the back.

Mansoor Sneaks The Pinfall

Kendrick had taken control and hit a butterfly suplex to great effect, getting a near fall. He’d choke Mansoor in the ropes, before eating some forearms, only to drop his opponent to the mat for an arm submission.

Mansoor would counter out, only to take an elbow to the jaw. Kendrick would yell ‘Come on kid!’, only firing him up. He’d unleash right hands and a big lariat to Kendrick, scooping him up and slamming him and hitting the spinebuster. Mansoor was running wild, hit two suplexes into a Falcon Arrow. That just got a near fall, but Mansoor would plant him with a powerbomb next.

He’d look for a second one, but Kendrick countered into a hurricanrana into the corner. Mansoor would be propped up top, hit with a top rope Butterfly Suplex! Kendrick almost had the win, but a counter of the pin would give this one to Mansoor.

This was the kind of win that sets up another match, and while this one didn’t exactly get into Full Gear, it certainly set up a match like that for the future. Would you want to see more from these two? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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