WWE News: Will Goldberg Really Wrestle Again For WWE In 2021?

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It’s fair to say that Golderg’s Universal title reign at the beginning part of 2020 was one of the most underwhelming things that we have seen in the WWE for some time. However, it would appear that the company haven’t got the message, as they are already teasing a return for the once great superstar.


Goldberg was in virtual attendance for SmackDown last week, as he was watching the main event between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. However, there could be more to Goldberg watching than simply wanting to know who the champion would be after the main event.


WWE News: Goldberg Set To Have Matches


It would appear that the WWE are not done with Goldberg just yet, and it has been revealed that he could be set to return over the coming months as preparations for the Royal Rumble begin to heat up. It wouldn’t be something to get fans exciting that’s for sure, as many were hoping that they had seen the end of Goldberg for good after his loss to Strowman at Mania.


Instead, it could indicate that the WWE haven’t yet given up the aim of the WrestleMania main event that they were hoping for last year, with Goldberg’s interest in the Universal title seemingly pointing towards a match with Roman Reigns. Fans would be rolling their eyes when reading the rumours, as a Goldberg vs Reigns match is the last thing that they have in mind for Mania next year, especially considering how hot Reigns has been since returning with Paul Heyman.


WWE News: Reigns vs Goldberg Could Be The Aim


Reigns against Goldberg would be an easy story to tell, as they were originally scheduled to take on each other in the main event of this year’s Mania. However, that didn’t happen in the end, which left the door open for Strowman. Goldberg could return and demand a title opportunity against Reigns at some point. But, fans will be hoping that the WCW star has no involvement in the Royal Rumble.


It’s a shame because there are so many stars on the SmackDown roster that are more deserving of a title opportunity, as Goldberg has limited interest in wrestling at all. Fans will be furious if the rumours are true, as Goldberg’s time in the WWE is certainly up, and no fans want to see him back for another run.

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