WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results: Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai [NXT Women’s Championship Match]

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WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results: Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai [NXT Women's Championship Match]After an assist from Indi Hartwell, Candice LeRae would defeat Shotzi Blackheart and earn another chance to become NXT Women’s Champion. This comes after losing to Io Shirai at NXT Takeover 31, in a match where LeRae got a visual pinfall, but it wasn’t counted because Johnny Gargano put on a referee shirt.

Tonight, her underhanded win over Shotzi Blackheart might come back to haunt her, as Blackheart will spin the wheel to decide what this matches stipulation will be. Io Shirai had brought Poppy in for a special entrance, helping Shirai feel as big as ever.

The wheel would be spun, and the final deal was set. This is a Tables, Ladders and Scares match!

Tables and Ladders Are Here, But Not Many Scares

Shirai would get started off with a flapjack, and then dive to the outside onto LeRae. The referee put the NXT Women’s Champion above the ring, and this one was started. You need to grab down to win this match. LeRae would pull out a table from under the ring, and it had dollar store bloody body parts inside.

Shirai would slap LeRae with one of the hands, but a drop toehold would put Shirai into a ladder. She’d be sandwiched between two ladders soon after, but this didn’t take the champion out. LeRae would be thrown into the commentary desk, sending Bad News Barrett and Vic Joseph dressed as Waldo running.

Io Shirai & Candice LeRae Grab The Hardware

Shirai looked to suplex LeRae through the table, before LeRae slipped out and hit Shirai with a laptop. LeRae would prop a ladder between the ring and desk, but get a steel chair thrown at her face. She’d sit by the steel steps, and take the Bullet Train double knees into the stairs.

Shirai would grab some chairs and put them in the ring, taking some time to hit LeRae in the ribs with one. A suplex on the outside would drop LeRae, and Shirai tried to find more chairs, settling for a table.

LeRae tried to get the jump on Shirai, and was just sent into the steel steps instead. Shirai would climb to the top rope for a moonsault, but when LeRae went into the ring, she opted for a front dropkick. An air raid crash would be hit, as Shirai set up a second table on the outside.

LeRae hit a baseball slide, knocking Shirai to the mat. They’d both get ladders in the ring, and Shirai set one up only to have LeRae try to run up it, only to be taken out. Another ladder would be set up in the corner, as Shirai would also pile up some steel chairs.

No Tricks, Here’s Your Defeat!

The double underhook backbreaker onto the chairs was an odd move, until Shirai went for the moonsault as well. LeRae would dodge and send the champion into the steel! Shirai would fight back and hit a suplex onto a steel chair that LeRae set up.

Both women were battered, but LeRae sat by the ladder in the corner, dodging the double knees as the ladder fell onto Shirai. This should have taken her out, but that wasn’t the case. Shirai would get back up, hit a palm strike and look for a superplex through two steel chairs.

This failed, but a dragon screw with a steel chair helping out would nearly break the ankle of LeRae. She’d dodge the 619, hit Shirao with the chair and hit the neckbreaker through the tables at ringside. The masked figure who helped Gargano earlier in the night came to help take LeRae up the ladder, and Blackheart took the masked figure out.

LeRae was right there, but came back to life as Shirai had her own ladder set up. A scratch to the eyes, and this one looked like it was LeRaes title win. Instead, Shirai would shove LeRae off the top of the ladder, through the ladder at ringside, and Shirai retained.

This concludes Halloween Havoc, the best NXT episode of this year. Are you glad Shirai retained?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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