WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Damien Priest [NXT North American Championship Match]

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WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Damien Priest [NXT North American Championship Match]

Dexter Lumis was supposed to get his first shot at gold in WWE at NXT Takeover 30, but an ankle injury prevented this from happening. However, NXT GM William Regal didn’t forget this, and neither did the new NXT North American Champion, Damien Priest. He’s always ready to defend his championship, but he’d be wise to not overlook The Tortured Artist.

Damien Priest & Dexter Lumis Get Started Fast

Priest & Lumis would get right into this match, these agile heavyweights would start with a fast pace. Lumis would get caught with a big armdrag into an armlock, but wouldn’t stay down long. Priest would be sent outside, but grabbed the wrist and went to Old School before hitting the crossbody.

Lumis had a hard time getting into this one, but got a Thesz press, allowing him to got some control, but the injured ankle would become the target of Priest. One precise kick to the ankle stunned him, and Priest followed up with The Broken Arrow as we went to a commercial break.

Damien Priest Attacks The Ankle

Throughout the break, Priest would target that ankle, twisting it and all around punishing Lumis. Normally we’d see him shrug off pain, but tonight that wasn’t the game plan. Coming back from the break, he’d come back with a bulldog, but then have to dodge South Of Heaven. He came back with a spinebuster, getting a two count.

Lumis would look to set up Silence, but Priest fought free with some back elbows, and nailed the roundhouse kick. An elevated flatliner dropped Lumis on his face, and after a weak kick out, an ankle lock would be applied.

In the middle of the ring, Lumis fought through the pain and broke the hold. He was barely able to stand, but fought through the pain for a backdrop, kipped up and hit a leg drop for a near fall. A big lariat from Priest dropped Lumis, but he came right back up to lock in Silence, but the length of Priest came into play, reaching the ropes.

Cameron Grimes Puts His Nose In Priest’s Business, Gargano Sneak Attack

While the referee would check on Priest, Cameron Grimes slipped into the ring to hit The Cave In on Lumis. Priest had no idea, hit South Of Heaven and retained. Grimes is in for a bad time when he can’t sneak on Lumis, and that will come soon, but he’d be dropped by the Recokoning.

Gargano came from behind with a chair to take out Priest, and Regal wandered out to make the match for Halloween Havoc. The stakes are higher, and Shotzi Blackheart would make their matches Spin The Wheel matches, stipulation to be determined.

Do you think Cameron Grimes will meet Dexter Lumis at Halloween Havoc? Will Gargano win the North American Championship?

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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