WWE NXT Results: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Breezango [WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match]

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There comes a time in every title reign where you’re faced with the options to put up, or shut up. Breezango have yet to have a major test as NXT Tag Team Champions, but tonight they have Undisputed Era breathing down their necks. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong aren’t the strongest duo to come out of UE, but they’re looking to start a new Gold Rush for the once great faction, and make UE four time NXT Tag Team Champions.

However, before the match could happen, Fish was attacked backstage, and taken out of the match. Adam Cole is still out, but Kyle O’Reilly was ready to step in. Then Roderick Strong would be taken out. Someone is picking off Undisputed Era, but we have no clue who. No one saw what happened, and O’Reilly needed to potentially give this match up. He would go off to the hospital, and this match would be given to Lorcan & Burch instead.

Breezango Target A Limb

With neither team having time to prepare for this shuffled main event, they’d work on their instincts. Lorcan & Fandango would lock up, with Fandango getting the upper hand with a headlock, even when he was sent off the ropes, he’d get the hold back. Fandango hit a shoulder block and gyrated above his opponent.

Lorcan would take some control, and Burch got into this match, going right to work on Burch. Fandango would be hit hard by The Governer, and decide to tag in Tyler Breeze to bring this one back. Breeze would absorb some blows, but manage to take it to Burch in his teams corner.

A quick brawl on the outside favoured Burch, but Burch got back into the ring, only to be tripped up and have his knee wrapped off the steel post. We’d go to a commercial break, and throughout the champions would punish the knee of Burch. Just a simple tag team tactic done perfect by the champions.

As we got back from the break, Burch had just made the tag to Lorcan, and they’ve regained control. Lorcan would make a choice to tag back in Burch, who would be kicked right in the knee. All four men would brawl on the outside, this of course favouring the ‘Brit-Am’ brawlers, as Burch dumped Breeze over the barricade.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch Have A Powerful New Ally

Back in the ring, Fandango would drop Burch and hit ‘The Last Dance’, getting a near fall. Breeze would be tagged in, but Lorcan caught him in a single leg crab, with Burch grabbing a crossface as the referee tried to get Lorcan out.

Fandango saved Breeze, who would get crotched on the top rope soon after, before he was hit with a rope hung cutter. Again, Fandango saved the match. Breezango were first back to their feet, and they hit some double superkicks. A masked man would run to the ringside and shove Fandango off the top rope. In the ring, Breeze would be hit with a low blow, then the elevated DDT, and we have new champions, with a big assist to that mysterious men.

He’d come to celebrate in the ring with the champions. It was Pat McAfee, who is back in NXT after his clash with Adam Cole. Do you think this is the birth of a new faction? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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