WWE NXT Results: Xia Li vs. Kacy Catanzaro

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Xia Li needs to win this match, calling it the most important in her career. She asked for a chance to compete last week on NXT, and Kacy Catanzaro was more than happy to step up to face her. We don’t know why this is so important to Li, but her recent run in with Boa has something to do with it.

Xia Li Fails To Take Down Kacy Catanzaro

They’d lock up hard, and Li grabbed a headlock. Catanzaro came off the ropes before being dropped with a shoulder block. Li attempted a pinfall, but Catanzaro came right back with her agility. Catanzaro wouldn’t go long before the hard strikes from Li started coming in.

She’s the best striker in the division, but a spinning mid-kick wouldn’t be able to drop the American Ninja Warrior, even with three pins. Catanzaro would fight back with open palm strikes, and then a lariat in the corner and a flipping dropkick. She’d charge in, roll into a pin and get the win. It was a solid but short match, but that wasn’t the reason for it.

We don’t know what will become of Li after winning this match, but that’s where this story is going. Whatever was in the letter Boa showed Li, could have her career in jeopardy.

Raquel Gonzalez Levels Everyone

After the match, she’d attack Catanzaro from behind. Kayden Carter tried to stop it, but got kicked away. Catanzaro would be mauled in the corner with boots, until Raquel Gonzalez made a save. This was just so she could beat down everyone who moved. Next week, she faces Rhea Ripley, and this was a message sent.

She’d take the microphone, and tell her opponent that this is what awaits her at Halloween Havoc. Kept it short and simple, as promos from her should be. Will Gonzalez win the match next week, which very well could be the heaviest hitting matches NXT will see this year? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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