WWE NXT’s Xia Li Pulled From Kickboxing Fight

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WWE NXT's Xia Li Pulled From Kickboxing Fight

Recently in NXT, one of the talented women in their undercard would finally get some shine. This was Xia Li, the first Chinese woman to ever be signed to a WWE contract. Until now, she has always been featured in rather short but often impressive matches.

Recently, interactions with  and her being desperate to get a big win has had her starting to spiral, the beginnings of something big for her career. However, outside of the ring, Xia Li was recently getting ready for an amateur kickboxing fight, until WWE pulled her out of it.

Xia Li Was Upset By WWE Pulling Her Out Of This Fight

As with anyone else, this news would crush Xia Li. She had been training for months for this fight, only to be told three days before the fight that it wouldn’t happen. Li would reach out to her opponent on Instagram and say the following.

“I know you have prepared a lot for this competition. So am I. Because of special reasons, I was informed 3 days before the competition that I could not participate, I was also very sorry. I was sad for several days, I hope we can have a chance to fight in the future. I’m really sorry.”

Li has expressed frustrations of not being used to her full potential right to Triple H recently, and that is what got her a bigger presence and more frequent matches. However, that could be what got this fight shut down.

A kickboxing fight could have easily ended with her getting injured, something which would have impacted her work for WWE. Unless you’re someone like Brock Lesnar, you probably aren’t going to be allowed to compete elsewhere in actual combat sports without getting some issues.

An Actual Kickboxing Win Could Have Helped Li In The Long Run

While it is understandable in this situation why the fight was shut down, it could have also been a huge boon for Li had it gone forward. Winning a fight like that, no matter the skill level of her opponent would have done wonders to paint Li as a legitimate threat. If she’s out there winning actual fights, what is stopping her from taking the NXT Women’s Championship?

WWE did this in the past, when Mark Henry wanted to reaffirm his status as ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ by entering a competition to prove it, and prove it he did. If he had failed, his WWE career would have been done, his gimmick dead, but instead he proved himself.

Why WWE wouldn’t give Xia Li this same chance is weird, but hopefully a major push on TV will give her equal benefit. Is Xia Li ready to prove herself in NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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