WWE Raw Draft Results (10/12) – Number One Contender Duel Brand Battle Royal – Lana Eliminated Natalya

Lana hid out until the end, and eliminated Natalya from behind

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WWE Raw Draft Results (10/12) - Number One Contender Duel Brand Battle Royal – Lana Eliminated Natalya

WWE Raw Draft Results are curious how this will go since it’s going to be roughly twelve minutes for the match.

Nia Jax started it off by saying it’ll either be her or Shayna Baszler that’ll win and she said the others should throw themselves over the top rope.

Of course, everyone pounced on her and Baszler to start it off, and they were quickly tossed aside but not out yet.

Lana hit Jax with a couple of kicks, but Tamina knocked her down and she and Jax stared each other down for a few seconds before they picked up Lana hit her with a double headbutt.

Tamina the charged Jax, and Jax sidestepped her and tossed her over the top rope with ease.

Billie Kay grabbed Jax’s leg, but she couldn’t budge her and Asuka gave a “What the?” looks from the announce table.

Jax put Kay over the top rope but she landed on the apron. Kay tried to shoulder block Jax in the midsection and hurt her shoulder, so Jax headbutted her off the apron.

The women then tangled up Jax while Baszler put Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose over the top and on the apron but they grabbed her.

Jax broke loose form her problems and came over and knocked them to the floor.

The rest of the women were scattered around the ring watching Jax with terror-filled eyes.

En masse, they all went after Jax and had her partway over, so Baszler gave them a hand and dumped her partner onto the floor.

Jax was not happy about being betrayed after she saved Baszler and cleared off the announce table. She then put Lana through the table with a Samoan drop a fourth time.

Cameras shifted backstage where Orton and McIntyre were beating on each other.

Surprise ending

Back from commercial, Lacy Evans and Nikki Cross had paired off, and once Cross was on the apron, Evans hit her with a Woman’s Right, eliminating her.

Baszler had the Coquina Clutch locked on Ruby Riott and had her on the apron, but Liv Morgan came over to help after she got a way from Evans.

Morgan pulled Riott back in, but Bianca Belair picked Morgan up from behind.

Baszler then locked the Coquina Clutch in on Belair and dragged her to the ropes, but Belair pushed off the corner and dropped Baszler over the top rope.

Natalya powered Belair onto the top turnbuckle, and the Riott Squad knocked Belair out.

The remaining four were Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Natalya, and Lacey Evans. It’s anyone’s game.

After reversing a double team Irish whip into the corners, Morgan and Riott were dropped on the apron, but not knocked out.

Instead of dealing with their respective problems, Natalya and Evans raced diagonally across the ring to the others’ corner where they were met with shoulder blocks.

They succeeded in eliminating the Riott Squad when they hit them in mid leap over the top ropes to get in the ring.

Evans bounced Natalya off one corner, then the other. They countered each other’s attempt to send them over the top rope and they exchanged strikes.

Natalya lifted Evans over the top rope, and Evans pulled her over so they were both on the apron.

Natalya drove Evans into the ring post, but she stayed on the apron.

Natalya ran into a kick but held onto the rope before she could touch the floor.

Evans locked Natalya in a head scissors, but Natalya swung her into the ring post and dropped her to the floor.

Lana then kicked Natalya from behind to eliminate her.

Apparently, Lana didn’t leave the ring over the top rope and rolled out of the ring after the double headbutt. Everyone forgot about her.

Meanwhile, Orton and McIntyre’s brawl arrived at the ringside area and the two continued exchanging blows.

Orton reveres a throw and sent McIntyre into the barricade and officials finally came out to try to separate them as the show ended.

This show was a little rough and every bit as chaotic as Smackdown. It was more a collection of occasional moments and some good matches.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Raw Draft Results.

We have fun and look forward to see you all next time.

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