WWE Raw Draft Results (10/12) – Triple Threat Match – AJ Styles Defeated Jeff Hardy (pin) and Seth Rollins

Elias hit Jeff with his guitar and Styles pinned him for the win

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WWE Raw Draft Results (10/12) – Triple Threat Match – AJ Styles Defeated Jeff Hardy (pin) and Seth Rollins

WWE Raw Draft Results returned as the match started with all three in the ring, so I guess Jeff misspoke about it being a tag match?

Jeff started off going after Styles, but Rollins zeroed in on him and thres him off the ropes.

Jeff his with a kick when Rollins telegraphed a backdrop, then he clotheslined Rollins over the top rope.

Style then went after Jeff’s previously injure left leg with some kicks, then worked him over in a corner with some strikes and an elbow.

Jeff reversed a whip into a corner and ran into a kick from Styles, but Styles ran into a sling blade for a near pinfall.

Jeff bounced Styles’ head off a couple of turnbuckles, then drove a shoulder into Styles’ midsection.

Rollins tripped Jeff coming off the ropes from outside the ring, and Rollins and Styles hit Jeff with splashes in the corner, then stomped on Jeff.

Styles took advantage of the moment and rolled up Rollins for a near pin, then hit a step up kick and a neck breaker on his knee for another pin attempt, but Rollins kicked out.

Style choked Jeff out on the ropes, then smapmared him over to stomp on him and hit a knee drop for another pin attempt.

Rollins tried to get back into the ring, but Styles hit him and knocked him to the floor.

Jeff fought back and drive Styles into the corner, but Styles reversed it. Styles flung Jeff into the other corner but Styles ran into an elbow.

Rollins shoved Jeff off the top rope and to the floor, then hit Styles with a sling blade and superkick before he dove through the ropes to take out Jeff.

Styles slipped out of a power bomb and hit a series of kicks, but Rollins hit with a step up kick, and took out Styles and Jeff outside by diving through the ropes.

Walking with Elias

Back from commercial, Rollins was still in control as he had Jeff in a reverse headlock, btu Jeff fought out of it with several elbows.

Rollins beat him down with a series of kicks, then informed him and Styles that he runs this house.

He picked Jeff up and sent him from one corner to another, but ran into an elbow. Jeff hit Styles with a right, then hit both with a Whisper of the Wind.

Jeff hit an inverted atomic drop and drop kick on Styles, then hit a reverse snapmare on Rollins.

Styles tried to suplex Jeff, but he reversed it into a face slam for a near pinfall.

Jeff hit a Russian leg sweep and pin attempt on Rollins, but Styles broke it up.

Styles hit a reverse DDT on Jeff, but Jeff kicked out.

Styles set Jeff up for a Styles Clash, but Rollins hit with a knee on Styles off the top rope and hit a Falcon Arrow on Styles for a near pinfall.

Rollins set Styles up for a Stomp, but Jeff used Styles to step up and hit a DDT on Rollins for a near pinfall.

Jeff climbed to the top rope, but Styles hit the ropes, dropping jeff onto the turnbuckle. Rollins grabbed Styles off the ropes, and Styles rolled him over and locked in a Calf Crusher.

Style released Rollins so Jeff could hit a senton bomb, then he pushed Jeff aside and pinned Rollins, but Rollins kicked out.

Jeff countered a Styles’ Clash into a Twist of Fate, but Elias broke his guitar of Jeff’s back so Styles could pin him.

Styles looked shocked as Elias allowed him to pin Jeff, and Elias just walked away calmly.

Looks like Elias thinks Jeff is the one that ran him over.

Hello to a new feud.

This is one WWE Raw Draft Results are looking forward to.

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