WWE Raw Preview (10/12) – Mustafa Ali Speaks; Will he tie Retribution and Hacker Angles Together?

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Mustafa Ali has dominated a lot of conversations since coming out as the leader of Retribution on last week’s WWE Raw.

To be honest, this is something I enjoyed simply because I’m a fan of Ali. I’ve also been critical of Retribution, so this kind of balances them for me.

So, we expect tonight’s WWE Raw to be a Retribution filled episode as Ali will speak on, what we assume, will be his reasons for creating Retribution and tie it into his hacker angle.

Combining worlds

Since the hacker angle went nowhere, Retribution appears to be the WWE’s way of melding the two storylines. Sure, there’s a possibility that it was always meant to end like this, but we doubt it.

It feels too different given the gap between the two and the firing of writers and other personnel in that time.

While we have no real way of knowing is the writer of the hacker angle was let go, given they fired the writer of the Otis/Mandy Rose storyline and that quickly suffered it makes sense speculation-wise.

So, we fully expect Ali to say he used the hacker role to study those best suited to helping him redefine the WWE (see McMahon/NOW angle 2002), and figuring out who best to target.

He may even claim he knew about MVP planning to form the Hurt Business with Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander.

Combining the two would make sense and allow fans to feel like we haven’t wasted our time conjecturing about who the hacker was.

However, after weeks or months of berating the WWE online, the hacker story stopped and Ali joined Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander in facing the Hurt Business.

And this is where we think the real origin of Retribution can be found.

True beginnings

While it will probably be stated Ali joining the fight against the Hurt Business was to feel them out, including doing so for Crews and Ricochet to see what kind of allies they’ll make, we think it’s simpler.

Ali joined them because he was asked and he saw it as a way to help “bring the light.”

While he scored a couple of pinfall wins over MVP, he and the rest spent more time being beaten up than not.

After all, Retribution appeared a month or two after Ali joined the resistance, so to speak.

So, we believe that he created Retribution to combat the Hurt Business, and the WWE destruction could simply be the narrative he’s using to get the help of the NXT stars.

Of course, we’re sure MVP will probably point this out, as we expect a confrontation between the two factions before it’s announced who is drafting Retribution.

Add to this that Ali will most likely offer Ricochet and Crews a place in his new faction and they’ll probably turn him down could lead to them joining the Hurt Business.

After all, MVP needs more soldiers and the Hurt Business has been going between centrist and heel, but are now moving to face thanks to Retribution.

This is probably going to be the most interesting part of the show tonight, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they meld everything together if at all.

What do you think Ali will say on tonight’s WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments below.

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