WWE Raw Results (10/19) – AJ Styles (w/Jordan Omogbehin) Defeated Matt Riddle by Pinfall

Styles hit with a Styles Clash for the win

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WWE Raw Results came back from commercial as AJ Lee came out with Jordan Omogbehin (Raw Underground’s bouncer).

Once in the ring, Styles said he has to give credit to the powers that be on Monday Night Raw for finally drafting AJ Styles.

They did last year, but we’re not going to count that, right? Or how he was sent to Smackdown to help save its sinking ratings.

He mocked Seth Rollins and his greater good blah, blah, blah, and then how Jeff Hardy stumbled out.

He claimed the savior of Raw was the return on Raw’s prodigal son — himself.

He was happy to prove the show was never Monday Night Rollins.

He said when after he beats Matt Riddle (Again?) it’ll shepherd in a new era for Raw.

Then Matt Riddle came out.

AJ Styles (w/Jordan Omogbehin) vs. Matt Riddle

The bell rang but Jordan remained in the ring and refused to leave until the referee told Style he’d be disqualified.

Jordan caught the referee’s hand as he counted, and the ref asked him to just listen since he’s just trying to do his job.

Jordan then left the ring.

Styles caught Riddle with a kick and a few rights after they circled one another, but Riddle slipped out fot eh corner and hit with a couple of kicks.

Riddle tried to pull Styles away from the ropes, but Styles would let fo of them.

After ducking a right from Styles, Riddle hit three straight gut wrench suplexes, and clotheslined Styles out of the ring.

Riddle went onto the apron to his Styles with a kick, but Jordan stepped in the way and Riddle fell back into the ring.

Jordan pays dividends

We returned with Styles in control in the ring.

Styles stomped Riddle in the corner, then pulled him to the center of the ring and locked in a reverse waist lock.

Riddle fought out of the hold, but Styles hit him with a series of elbows to the back of the head to stop him.

Riddle then hit with a kick to get a breather, then he hit Styles with a pair of clotheslines in the corner. He attempted a Bro-Ton, but Styles caught him with a double kick.

They exchanged a series of strikes and Riddle hit with a high knee, Styles hit with a Pele kick, and Riddle his with a German suplex.

Styles ended the exchange with a neckbreaker on his knee for a near pinfall.

Styles then attempted a Styles Clash, but Riddled slipped out of it and hit a fisherman suplex for a near pinfall.

Riddle went to the tope rope, but Styles caught him, dropping him onto the turnbuckle. Style then climbed up and attempted a reverse superplex, but Riddle fought out of it.

Styles climbed back up, and the pair exchanged strikes before both fell and hung themselves up on the rope with Riddle outside.

Jordan distracted Riddle, and when Riddle slid into the ring Styles greeted him and hit a Styles Clash for the win.

A decent match that was more focused on introducing Jordan than anything else, and WWE Raw Results approves.

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