WWE Raw Results (10/5) – 6 Woman Tag Team Match – Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Asuka Defeated Lana (Pin), Natalya, and Zelina Vega; 24/7 Championship – Drew Gulak Defeated R-Truth (c) by pinfall

Mandy hit Lana with her Pump Knee Strike for the pin; Gulak pinned R-Truth after he tripped

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WWE Raw Results came back from commercial to what we hoped would be a good match.

The match started with Brooke and Natalya, and Natalya took her down with a snapmare takedown and locked in a side headlock.

Brooke got to her feet and threw Natalya into the ropes, where Natalya hit with a shoulder block, then a roll over for a pin attempt.

Brooke flipped over Natalya off the ropes and hit with a airplane leg scissors takedown for a near pinfall.

Brooke and Mandy hit Natalya with a double suplex and a near pinfall.

Rose hit with a dropkick for another near pinfall.

Vega ran around the ring and pulled Asuka off the ring apron, and when Brooke came her, Vega climbed onto the apron.

Mandy then pulled Vega into the ring, but Natalya grabbed her from behind and slammed her to the matt for a near pinfall.

Vega then tagged in and worked Mandy over with some kicks and a nearly scored a pinfall. She then rolled Mandy over into an arm stretch, but Mandy rolled her into a pin attempt, forcing her to break the hold.

Vega made sure to nail Asuka with another forearm before tagging in Natalya, then Lana hit with a sit down dropkick for a near pinfall.

Natalya his with a body small and elbowed Brooke off the apron.

Mandy kicked Natalya off when she tried to lock in a sharpshooter, then tagged in Asuka.

Asuka hit Vega with a hip attack to knock her off the apron, then hit Lana with a clothesline before hitting with a hip attack in the corner.

Asuka took out Vega and Natalya, then hit Lana with a sliding knee strike for a near pinfall.

Brooke cleared the ring and Mandy tagged in without Lana seeing it, and hit with a Pump Knee Strike for the pin.

This was a pretty good match. Far better than we’ve been treated to with Natalya and Lana lately.

With the match over and the victors in the back and the vanquished in the ring, the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, came out.

Vega slipped out of the ring while Natalya tried to help Lana out of he ring but they were confronted on both sides.

Jax Grabbed Natalya and Natalya hit her with a forearm, but Jax took her down with a headbutt.

Lana pulled Nataly off Jax’s shoulders when she was going to be Samoan dropped through the table, so Lana went for the ride.


Seriously, does she get a reward for a best of seven series here?

24/7 Championship – Drew Gulak Defeated R-Truth

We returned to R-Truth backstage talking to “Little Jimmy” about a mock draft about whrre his imaginary friend might be drafted to.

Behind him, a custodian covered head to toe and with a hoodie on worked. It ended up being Drew Gulak.

R-Truth glanced at the man to make sure, then noticed a referee.

Truth ducked the mop swing but tripped over the wet floor sign and was pinned by Gulak.

Gulak told him he’d see him next fall and ran off.

Hurt Business update

After a recap of last week’s altercation between Ali Mustafa and the Hurt Business, Ali was chatting with ricochet and Apollo Crews when MVP arrived.

Ali said MVP was there to make an excuse, but MVP said that’s not it at all. He added that they can win the occasional match, but not a fight.

He said he was there because he heard them talking about the draft, and as a seasoned vet, he’d been through a few of them.

He explained that Crews was on Smackdown and his career was nothing, but when he came to Raw he was a champion.

MVP then said for tonight only, the Hurt Business has one opening.

He added it doesn’t matter if they got drafted to the blue brand, but being drafted to the black and gold is where it’s at.

Crews and Ali headed off, but Ricochet remained behind, and he looked like he was considering it.

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