WWE Smackdown Live Results (10/23)

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Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and tonight’s Go Home episode before Hell in a Cell Pay-per-view should set up a few more matchs for us.

We’ll also hear Roman Reigns announce the consequences Jey Uso will face following their Hell in a Cell match.

Be sure to grab some snacks and get settled in for WWE Smackdown Live Results at the 8 p.m. EST showtime.

Segment 1

The Kevin Owens Show

Owens tried to talk Daniel Bryan into forming a tag team, and that brought out Dolph Ziggler and RObert Roode, the Street Profits, and Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We may have a Fatal Four Way after the commercial break once the brawl settles down.

Segment 2

It’s an 8 man tag team match instead.

A fast paced match to start, Bryan came in and seemed to injure his right knee as we headed to commerical.

Segment 3

A fun match turned into a spot fest for the faces, Ford pinned Cesaro after hitting a From the Heavens.

Law & Otis debuted with the Miz and Otis making their opening arguments with LBJ as the judge and Ron Simmons the baliff.

Segment 4

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

This about a sone sided as it could get ad Belair dominated and won after hitting a KOD (Kiss of Death).

Segment 5

Lars Sullivan vs. Shorty G

Sullivan made short work of Shorty G with his Freak Accident.

Before the match, Shorty G said he wanted to prove he belonged there, and afterwards he said he quit.

We feel like we’ve seen this angle before. 

Segment 6

Sasha Banks hooked a chair over Bayley’s neck to force her to sign the contract for HIAC, and Law & Otis continued.

After the witnesses testified (it was great to see Teddy Long again), Bradshaw said he’d have his verdict after a recess.

Segment 7

Law & Otis verdict

Bradshaw pointed out the Miz’s accusations were job requirements for a WWE superstar, and he and Simmons would be serving life if they were crimes.

He was about to rule in favor of Otis when the Miz handed him a briefcase full of cash, and he ruled in Miz’s favor.

So, it’s Otis and Miz at Hell in a Cell for the MITB contract. Teddy Long and Simmons didn’t look happy when Bradshaw didn’t share the “new evidence.”

Segment 8

Seth Rollins vs. Murphy

This started slow, but had a good pace. Murphy backdropped Rollins over the announce table as we headed to commercial.

Segment 9

The match continued and looks to be the maytch of the night.

backsatge, Aalyah Mysterio refused to leave with Rey and Dominik and they continued watching.

Rollins slammed Murphy’s injured arm on the apron as we headed to commerical.

Segment 10

Rollins hit the Stomp after a great match, and was going to beat Murphy with a keno stick when Aalyah came out, followed by Rey and Dominik.

This is where oour satelite froze up due to weather so we’re unable to update at this time.

Our apologies, Hopefully it won’t last long.

Sement 11

After being tricked by Jimmy and Jey Uso, Reigns said that if he’s forced to quit in their match, then he can no longer provide for their family.

Then the said is Jey quits, he’ll have to accept Reigns as their Tribal Chief of he, Jimmy, and their families are out of the Anoa’i family.

Not a bad show as it exceeded our expectations, but they lost us with the Money in the Bank bit. We loved seeing the legends, but it’s really turned into a huge joke.

What do you all think? Let us know below, and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Live Results!

We had a blast and look forward to see you all next week.

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