WWE Smackdown Preview (10/23) – Hell in a Cell Special Edition – Sasha Banks will Force Bayley to Sign Their match Contract

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WWE Smackdown Preview is all set for tonight and we hope it’s better than the last few weeks.

Once constant remains is that it appears the WWE will continue to play it close to the vest to convince people to watch to find out what happens instead of relying on the strength of the a card.

Due to scheduling conflicts (Game 3 of the World Series is on FOX), this is being touted as a special edition episode (it’s airing on FS1) and will focus on hyping the matches for Hell in a Cell.

There’s plenty of possibilities for more matches like Murphy vs. Seth Rollins or Rollins vs. Dominik again.

But we know at least one has to be set tonight, and that’s the Smackdown Women’s Championship between Bayley (c) and Sasha Banks.

The contract will be signed

Last week, Bayley refused to sign the contract to face Banks in a Hell in a Cell match after seeing the intensity in Banks’ eyes.

So, Banks promised that one way or another, Bayley will sign the contract.

We see this going one of two ways. The first is Banks tricks her into signing it by using a delivery man type of set up, but this is too comical for this storyline so we doubt this will happen.

The other and most likely scenario is that Banks will ambush her and lock her in a Bank Statement or some other hold and force her to sign.

This will give Bayley plenty to complain about as she tries to worm out of it heading into their match on Sunday.

Too rushed

While we’re sure it’ll be entertaining, this has the feel of something slapped together and tried to be squeezed in.

Especially considering their Hell in a Cell match has been promoted for a couple of weeks so there’s no getting around that Bayley will sign at some point.

It’s just a formality and takes away from the spontaneity the WWE is trying to create.

Had they started this feud a couple of months back when they teased it, we’d have a couple of matches in already and we would’ve enjoyed watching them both work against each other.

It also would’ve played into a natural ending at Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series. Now, we’ll get maybe another month of back and forth exchanges before it’s ended.

The problem with this is there isn’t another pay-per-view between Survivor Series and WrestleMania that feels right for a final confrontation, and March or April would be too long to run their feud.

So, let’s enjoy this while we can. Everything’s in place for a great match this weekend.

How do you think Banks will get Bayley to sign the contract? Let WWE Smackdown Preview know your thoughts in the comments below.

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