WWE Smackdown Results (10/16) – Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) (c) vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler ended in no contest of DQ; Smackdown Women’s Championship Contract Signing

No announcement was given, so we’re going with no contest since the referee lost control

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The match started with Ziggler and Dawkins in the ring with them exchanging holds until Dawkins hit with a shoulder block and a dropkick off the ropes, raising the energy level for WWE Smackdown Results.

Ziggler sidestepped a splash in the corner and tagged in Roode.

Roode stomped on Dawkins, then hit a suplex for a pin attempt, then knocked Ford off the apron.

Roode planted Dawkins with a face slam, then tossed Ziggler into the air for a leg drop, but the pin was broken up by Ford.

Roode and Ziggler went after Ford after he attacked Roode, chasing him out of the ring.

They hit a spinebuster and Zigzag on Dawkins, but Ford hit them with a double crossbody.

We think Roode and Ziggler won by DQ, but there was no announcement.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Contract Signing

Sasha Banks came out first and waited as Bayley came out with a steel chair in hand

Adam Pearce started it off citing that this would be the first time the Smackdown championship will be defended in a Hell in a Cell match.

As the challenger, Banks signed first and said she’s been waiting for this moment for a ery long time.

Bayley countered that she can’t wait to be rid of Banks, reiterating that she held her title for so lng by herself.

Banks called her out for that, and Bayley countered that Banks is so vindictive.

Bayley added that Banks is only upset because she beat Banks to the punch at turning on her.

Banks said if she wanted to turn on her, she would’ve years ago. She then said she was the one that called Bayley when she was in NXT to be her partner, and how she was there for Bayley’s championship wins.

She made sure to point out she helped Bayley every single time, and said at Hell in a Cell she’ll end Bayley’s career and walk out with Bayley’s championship.

Bayley refused to sign the contract and left the ring while Banks called her a coward. She promised that Bayley will sign the contract one way or another.

It looks like Bayley took Banks’ word to heart and she admitted the truth to herself, so that explains her backing out.

WWE Smackdown Results are curious what Banks has planned. We suspect she’ll either knock Bayley out, force her to sign under duress, or send a messenger.

The first two feel like the best way to go for this feud. What do you think?

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