WWE Smackdown Results (10/16) – Zayn pokes fun at Otis; Seth Rollins Tries to Recruit Daniel Bryan

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WWE Smackdown Results joining in as backstage, Otis was interviewed and was asked about what he planned to do about the Miz.

Sami Zayn interrupted them, saying that Otis isn’t used to talking for himself.

He added that Otis lost Mandy Rose and Tucker to Raw, and said he’d probably lose his lawsuit because there’s winners and Otises.

Daniel Bryan then came out to the ring for his first appearance in the Thunderdome.

Murphy’s law

Bryan was giving the Yes! signal, so it looks like he’s still a face and that’s good. He’s a better face than a heel.

He started off saying he watched it from home, but seeing everyone there he loveds being in the Thunderdome.

He said he loved his time at home, so her got a seat for his wife and daughter and waved to them and they waved back.

Still, he said he couldn’t wait to come back and he wasted no time promoting the night’s matches.

He said he’s excited at the new faces on the roster and gave Bianca Belair and the Riott Squad, and Kevin Owens and Aleister Black and Apollo Crews.

He was then interrupted by Seth Rollins as the Messiah made his Smackdown entrance.

Rollins said it’s been so long since he saw him, and he’s glad Bryan’s daughter let him come back to work.

He quickly pointed out that baby-brain must’ve gotten to him because he left the Savior of Smackdown off of his list.

Rollins then asked him which side of history would Bryan like to be on, because when it comes to the greater good, he’d either be with Rollins or against him.

Rollins added that he assumed Bryan would side with him and help to mold Smackdown.

Bryan said he wants to change things like save the planet and make Smackdown the best it can be, and he added Rollins’ vision is short sighted and it struck him as kinda dumb.

They then went back and forth about whether it was dumb or not, and Rollns nailed him with a right and stomped him into the mat and threw him off the ropes.

Bryan ducked a clothesline and hit his own, then nailed Rollins with some Yes! kicks until Rollins slipped out of the ring and retreated to the back

Behind Rollins, Rey and Dominik Mysterio came out, pinning Rollins between a rock and a hard place.

Rollins retreated into the ring where Bryan left the ring and Rollins to his fate.

When Rollins was cornered, Murphy came running out and stood between them, before siding with Rollins.

He then took Rollins down and hammered on him, then his with a high knee to send Rollins to the floor.

The Mysteruoes and Murphy face off in the ring and Murphy extended his hand to Rey.

Dominik left the ring, and Rey slowly left as well, leaving Murphy alone. WWE Smackdown Results think he’s got a lot more proving of himself to do.

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